Monday, July 18, 2011

Trip to the beach with Lolli and Poppi

The boys are at such an age, that a trip to the beach is actually a pleasant, fun experience. And we've been making the most of it. We decided that Lolli and Poppi needed to experience it with us...
The beach we frequent the most has about 30-45 feet of shallow water. The water stays pretty warm and I love knowing that I don't have to watch their every move.
I'm not sure what B is doing, but it kind of looks like he's trying to get the boats to come on over:)
Such a big boy! And that blond hair blends right in with all that sand.
Breven enjoyed showing Lolli how the beach works:)
Another great feature of this particular beach is the huge splash pad that the boys can go play in before we head home. Added bonus for mom: the water washes all that sand off of them!
I think Noah liked having a special place to sit
And of course, you have to end a beach day right...with a huge ice cream cone!!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Lolli and Poppi's visit

Well, here I was all prepared to show you a very happy Lolli and B, spending some time together and they go and hide on me...the nerve!!:)
Oh, there they are! I love the fun and laughter I hear from the boys as they play with their grandparents. We did a lot of playing while they were here and even got to indulge in our common love of Jamba Juice!
Poppi was such a trooper this week, helping out with mowing. I think he even enjoyed taking his turn on the tractor.
Who knew lego building was such hard work!
The 2 blue eyed boys of the Langness Family
Lolli even took a turn diving into the legos!
Noah gladly put on a 4th of July performance for his audience.
And its amazing that this is the second sign we've found that has Poppi and Breven's shared middle name.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th (+3 days) of July!!!
Okay, so I'm really late in my posts these days...having Mono makes life as a Mommy WAAAAY more interesting. Not to mention all the other things I should be doing, including blogging. Most of the time I fight the guilty feeling of laziness knowing that the Mono will hopefully be over soon, but I know if I push myself too much, I'm going to end up paying for it. And I've had several days lately of paying for it.
Aaron's leg is healing nicely and he's finally able to start walking without crutches. I'm to the point of hiding all saws and blades to keep him from cutting his cast off:)
Lolli and Poppi came to spend the week with us. What a great way to celebrate!
I love the bond these 2 share and hate the fighting that happens 2 seconds later
You know, I've been pretty lucky. I was just talking to someone the other day who told me that she couldn't stand her in-laws. I LOVE mine!! We have such a good time together and I'm so thankful that I could even sneak a few hours away with Patty to have some girl time:)
Our 4th of July celebration started early Sunday with a bonfire and s'mores. Man, those are good. And addicting! The boys loved being around the fire and just like their Mama...give 'em dessert and they'll go anywhere:)
B wanted his own bouquet of flowers, Lolli's clever solution? Roll them up in his sleeves!
Poppi being the Master of the fire.
Have I told you how much I love these 2?
Breven is entering such a fun stage. He's talking in full sentences and running 2 steps behind Noah, mimicking his every move. He's passionate about socks (has to have them on at all times), his blanket and Mo (monkey), anything cars and food. You mention the word dessert and he comes running. He's also showing us his stubborn side, showing us how easy Noah's been to us. Which I have to keep reminding myself is a good thing. It will be good later on when he can stick up for himself, right?! He can hold his own in a temper tantrum contest and can not be coerced into anything. But I think Poppi said it best when he made the observation that "B's top priority is NOT watching where he's going." He's constantly running into things, falling down or playing bumper cars with the walls and furniture. Its no wonder he's got horns growing out of his forehead:)
And this one here is my bundle of energy. If only I knew how to bottle some and sell it. I'd make a fortune. He's 4 going on 16...and his work is keeping him very busy. I'm petioning right now to get him some vacation time, which is really code for a break from all the "work talk" that Mama has to listen to. Anything that someone mentions, he can one up with something from his work. Seriously, what company would really own firetrucks, construction equipment, jetskis, 4-wheelers, 45 bosses, a beach and dozen of airplanes. (and that's just the tip of the iceberg). Although he did mention this week that his boss Joseph (whom I've hosted for dinner, playtime, naptime...) has taken a job in Japan, so I'm interested to see how long Joseph's new job will last.
Even though Aaron's leg has kept him from alot of the normal activites, we've been enjoying some quality family time...
So I was wrong earlier...this is the Master of the Fire:)
What can I say...they LOVE their Miss Lori!
Its superhero Noah!
Getting ready to light off some of Lolli's fireworks. The boys loved them! They even got to stay up until 11 because it doesn't get dark around here until 10!
A rare moment of Love for the Poppi
Make that 2 rare moments of Love. Noah is our lovebug. He's ready and willing to give hugs and kisses whenever needed!
Passing out the poppers (or in Breven's case the stompers.) He would gently set it on the ground and then stomp the ground until a foot finally connected with the popper.
And of course...clean up time. Alll those poppers make such a mess. I think its just in the genes!!