Monday, March 29, 2010

Job ponderings from a 1 year old

So, Breven. What do you want to do when you grow up?
What do you mean, do? I'm gonna do all sorts of diving, motorcycle riding, para sailing, skiing, play football, maybe even fly, like superman.
But what would you like to be, Breven? Where do you want to work?
Hmmm...I'll have to think on that one.
I'll be a famous chef. People will come from everywhere just to eat my food. Maybe Uncle Danny and Auntie Katy can even come from Korea!
Wait, but what if I want to eat the food. I can't cook for everyone without eating it all too. This will never work.
I know, I could take care of kids.
But then I'd have to stay in one spot all day...not for me.
I could be a bunny rabbit, but I'd have to eat only lettuce and carrots and I gotta have my peanut butter sandwiches
It might be fun to be a carpenter like Papa and Daddy. I'd get to work with tools all day and feel very manly.
But these goggles are hurting my face!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Umm..what year is it?

Did I just sleep 13 years away?
Because last time I checked, that was the legal age to drive a motorcycle. And even then, he may not get to drive a motorcycle until WELL after that!
(in case you can't read the pic, this is an application for motorcyle insurance addressed to Noah)
Okay, so that's the rantings of a 3 year old's mother. His father (and uncles) will probably find a way to talk me into letting them both get motorcyles someday:), along with a lot of other crazy things. But for today, I can dream that he will never:
-cross the street without holding my hand
-withhold an "I love you"
-kiss any girl other than mommy
-jump out of an airplane
-watch anything other than animated movies:)
-go to an out of state college
- want to own a motorcycle
I love you Noah. Mommy can't help it that I want to keep you little forever!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Night at the movies

I love that the boys are getting to the point where they can do things together. Hard to believe that B's old enough to eat alone while watching part of a movie, but he was loving it. Finally getting to watch what he's heard so often about from Noah WHILE eating...HEAVEN!
Why are you taking pictures, Mama? We're just eating.
I like this TV stuff...can I watch some more?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Breven's hair, on the wild side...

There are just some days when you need to let your hair live on the wild side

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just because

He loves to help with E. And recently he has even been singing to her and trying to comfort her when she cries. Now, if only I could teach him to do that with Breven too!:)

Is this good, Mama? (I think he's teething again, so his happy moments are growing more rare. Hopefully they'll pop through soon so our happy boy can get back to being happy.)

This is my Daddy and I'm glad he's home!!
Don't you just love the huge drool spot.
B wanted to try out the swing again. 
He is WAY too big for it, but he loves it when I let him sit in it for a few moments.
Can you help me convince Mama to let me use this more often. What's the harm?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cheap entertainment

We still have balloons from Breven's birthday party...4 weeks ago!! And they still look pretty good. And wouldn't you know they make the best toys.

Just one of my monkey to tell us what's on your mind?

Let's experiment, Mama. What happens when you run really fast?
Needless to say, Breven is thoroughly entertained:)

Monday, March 08, 2010

The mover and the talker

There are 2 types of boys in my house right now: the mover and the talker. And let's just say...they are ensuring I'm exercising body and mind. Who needs an elliptical machine with these 2 exercise-inducers around.

He's found his land knees (except when he traps himself in his pjs like he did above). He is all over the place. I love when after playing in his room, I call to him from the kitchen to come to lunch and sure enough, he comes ambling down the hall.

HELP! Why are these balloons following me?

Whatcha doing, Noah?

And my talker.
There are some days that I wonder how he can possibly manage to fit so many words into one day. There are so many times he astounds me with his knowledge and proper usage of some pretty crazy words. But my favorite thing he says right now: "No! You gotta be kidding me.":)

He is getting to the point where he can get on the phone with someone and I can walk away. He can have his own conversation without having me right next to him translating.
Fast forward 10 years and he'll probably be sitting in this same position while on the phone with his friends. And what's a true phone conversation without constant fidgeting and moving:)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sleeping buddies

Life's always better when you can share it with friends.

Friday, March 05, 2010

The domino thief

Noah's has these awesome dominoes that I really want to play with.
He and Daddy were playing with them the other night and I decided I wanted to play with 'em too. And since Noah won't share, I had to get some without him noticing...
Wouldn't these be great in my ball machine! I wonder if they'll shoot out the top like the balls do.
Oh, no. The gig is up. Gotta go find a better hiding spot...
Think they'll notice it here?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Soy milk

Bring out the desserts, crank up the music and throw the confetti. Its time to celebrate!!!
Over a box of milk, you ask? Why?!?!?
This box of soy milk represents 3 years of being creative, annoying anyone who invites us for dinner with questions about the food, finding new ways to remake dinner and avoiding the ice cream truck:)
And I will gladly let those boxes of milk be purchased by some other happy dairy allergic consumer.
3 years ago, when Noah was first born, we discovered that he had a dairy allergy. And while this allergy was really trivial compared to other things he could have had to endure, it was still challenging for me to deal with as a first time parent. He would get hives whenever he would ingest any type of dairy and in one instance I remember he got hives from a raisin in a granola box. Is there really any dairy in granola? Really?!?! Who knew that just about everything out there seems to have some form of dairy in it!
It became a little stressful trying to keep any and all dairy products away from my child, especially when out at other people's houses or at restaurants. But thankfully, we live in a time where they are making things a little bit easier for people with allergies. They are clearly marking products that contain any form of the major allergies out there. And the organic food stores are getting great products in for families like ours that needed to make things just a little differently.
And slowly, within the last 6 months or so, we have seen a gradual and ever increasing ability in Noah to accept some of the dairy . It seemed every day we got just a little bit closer to being dairy-allergy-free until just this past week, we finished off our last box of soy milk! WAHOO!! And even better, I was thinking I'd have to wean him off the soymilk and onto normal milk, but he didn't even blink when he had his first sips of regular milk!!!!
Goodbye Silk, Hello wonderful world of freedom!
Added bonus: Starting to feed child #2 table food just got a little easier:)

The emotional one...

I grew up hearing about how my brother could go from crying to laughing in the same breath. And well...his nephew is definitely following in his footsteps.
But why do I have to wait for dinner, Mama? I'm hungry!
Can I atleast have some puffs while I wait?
Dinner's almost ready? Good!