Thursday, April 30, 2009

The beginning of a new love I'm not so sure I'm really going to be happy about. But one that the Doerksen uncles will be so proud of. Motorcycles. 

And here's Noah now to give you the whole scoop:
Hi! Check out my motorcycle! What do you think? Isn't it cool?
Just watch how it turns...
I'm telling you, this thing handles like a dream.
4 wheels, a couple batteries and you've got yourself a riding machine!
And of course, don't forget about safety. Daddy says we should always wear our helmet.

My life, by Breven Langness

Hi! B-man here, just thought you'd like to hear about my day...
Well, I woke up and ate (YEA) and then I played with Mommy and Noah...
And then I had to take a nap...
And then I got to wake up and eat and play with Mommy and Noah...
And then I had to take a nap...okay, so the nap thing really isn't so bad.
I love my life!

Ducks, shots and poop trucks

Noah is such a helper! And of course, anywhere Daddy is, Noah is also.
Just chillin
Brother bonding time
My lovebug
I often find that Noah has climbed up into the rocker to talk to Breven.
Do they look like brothers? (what similarities/differences do you see?)
Our little duckling. We put him in this when we went outside the other day. It was perfect for keeping him warm and he looked so cute too!:) When I brought him back inside, I think he thought he couldn't move, because he stayed in the same position until I rescued him a while later:)
Daddy had a golf outing, so we decided to have our own fun at home.  We had an inside picnic (too cold to be outside) and watched  Tarzan. We had a blast and except for the bbq sauce that landed on the floor, it was very uneventful!
Breven went in for his 3 month check up and everything looks great! He's 12 lbs 4 oz and 24 inches long! He's one growing boy! No wonder he's been sleeping so much. He also had his first set of shots and really did not enjoy them. Noah barely noticed, but Breven definitely let us know how much that hurt.
We had our septic cleaned out this week and it was the highlight of Noah's day. They arrived during breakfast and after that, there was little hope of getting any more of Noah's breakfast eaten! He even passed on his muffin! He stayed glue to his window until they were finished:)
And this one's for Papa. I know how much you love this outfit:)

My creative skills at work

I have recently started a couple of projects and realized just how much I enjoy it. Our small group girls got together for a girls night and decided to paint. It was so much fun, especially since I had an idea already in mind. We had a great time to relax, chat and paint. And I have to say, I was pretty happy with the way this turned out. Looks like I'll have to get the paint back out so Noah can have one too.
And I pulled out the sewing machine and got some major use out of it! I even problem-solved all by myself and no one got hurt!!! It took a lot longer than I had intended, but the final result, new bibs for the boys, was well worth all the work. Look out Martha Stewart, Emily Langness is on a roll!! 

That's a wrap, boys!

When I was pregnant with Breven, I started noticing more people talk about the benefits of "wearing" your baby. 
I had used a snuggly with Noah, but didn't wear it very often since it was a little uncomfortable and I was always worried about him falling out/moving around too much when I would move around. 
And so with this next child, I decided I wanted to do some looking and researching of my own. There are so many different options out there, it was hard to sift through them all. But after seeing this type used by someone who attending my brothers wedding and doing some research on it, I thought it would the best option for me. 
And I LOVE it! And Breven enjoys it too. It has been a lifesaver on so many occasions when I need both hands, but Breven needs that extra attention.
I have however gotten some interesting looks. Someone thought from far away I had gotten a boob job (Umm..definitely not recommending that Dr.!) And I used it while grocery shopping and had people staring the whole time. But it worked out so well. How are you supposed to fit all those groceries in the cart when the carseat takes up the whole cart?
And so, I have become a true baby-wearer:)
Great pic of our friend Rita with her own baby bump, and Breven in the wrap...minus the fruity hand:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look out weekend, here we come!!!

We spent Monday with some friends and had so much fun! Just look at the table full of boys! Noah was in seventh heaven! Rita and her boys came over to make bibs while our hubbies were in Boston and then Lai and Bowen came over and joined us for dinner. I'm just bummed I didn't take more pics of us sewing to show you I was actually doing it!! I figured out my sewing machine all by myself!! I'm still not very good at it, but hopefully I'll find more ways to keep up the practice.
My favorite 2 little boys! (Noah's hand is in a weird spot...who knows what he was doing!)
"I'm gonna fit this whole thing in my mouth if its the last thing I do!"
This smile makes me want to give him anything he could ask for. Thankfully he can't speak yet:)
"Noah, stop squeezing your brother so tightly!"
That's better! I can't imagine life before these 2!:)
"Daddy, where is the sun? Mommy talks about it all the time, but why don't I see it very often?"
My little helper. Notice the serious face...
The youngest looks to be missing something. Think they make an infant sized guitar?!?! I love that he looks like he's really watching.
The sad thing is he is probably better than I am!
The 2 observers
Having a picnic on the deck today. The weather was GORGEOUS!! 
I think Noah will be my outside boy. He is constantly asking to go on the deck and I have to coax him back into the house half the time.
Past & Present
 At about the same age.


So this update is past due, but I just noticed I hadn't actually posted it! OOPS! So, enjoy...
We enjoyed Easter this year with our friends Dan, Rita and their boys along with all her family. So much good food! I love get togethers like this. And having so many people around made it feel a little bit more like I'm used to! Their family was so welcoming and made spending the day away from our own families a little easier. Thanks Dan, Rita and boys for the invite and all the fun!!!
All the kids ready and waiting...
Daddy and Noah worked together. Noah actually walked right by an egg just laying in the grass! Apparently, that egg was too easily found for him!
AH HA! He found one all on his own.
What have you found so far, Noah?
Noah and Cooper were the youngest hunters and it was fun to watch them walking around together.
All he's missing are the bunny ears:)
And of course, you have to check out the spoils...