Saturday, July 28, 2012

Colorado 2012 part 4

There is so much we do while we're in Colorado but my favorite part of our visit is spending time with all of our favorite people. 

Uncle Flip knows just how to make atleast one boy smile:)

We enjoyed visiting Whit's End...we hear all about it all year long from Adventures in Odyssey and its fun to see where it was made. But the best part is getting to slide down the HUGE slide. And N was determined before we arrived that he would be going down the slide, but got pretty intimidated once we  were there. I had to convince him to try it once and never have to ride it again if he didn't like it. He went 13 more times:)

The boys loved visiting this huge plane. N wanted to make sure he pointed out all the possible places that bombs could come out 

We love the zoo. Our current hometown zoo is pathetic-not a single big animal. So we love to come to the zoo to catch up on our animals. And ride the carousel.

And get a glimpse of the view. 

M made a great animal spotting buddy.

And in all the years I lived in C.S. I never remember visiting this cool memorial way up on the mountain.

Even better city views and wind:)

I took several shots of E and got a different face within a matter of seconds. I love how the emotions are so plainly portrayed on her beautiful face.

I love the friendships ahead for these 3!

 We really enjoy feeding the giraffes. It takes a bit of convincing but once they get started, its hard to stop them.

This face makes me laugh!

Even B got in on the fun and the laugh face proves that he enjoyed it.

N just had to make sure this lonely giraffe, alone in his own pen recieved some food too. This old, hairy, bumpy headed giraffe made a huge impression on him. He still talks about him.

Lovin' on the Lolli

Papa taught the boys the handstacking game. Here I go with my hand fetish again:)

We spent a day with my brother and his wife who have been out of the country for 2 years and I love how because of Skype, the boys didn't take any time in jumping back into life with them.

And we discovered so many things this year that I never knew were around. We visited an old farm stead right in the middle of a major nearby city.

The boys practiced writing letters home about the troubles of life on the farm. But never fear, with N around, it'll get taken care of in a hurry. (He'll make sure of it!)

We learned the difference between a mule and a donkey. Do you know what it is?

Hands on learning about how privileged we are to have come so far from these

Auntie Katy is one of the few women (aside from Mommy) whose hand you can be holding, B!

The boys got a hands on lesson about what blacksmith did at the turn of the century. They actually listened to the whole lesson too!

I have discovered that my brother and his wife are awesome at getting little kids to eat their food. 

Then on to another old farm, this time converted into a restaurant, complete with a petting zoo.

 Saw this van at the the restaurant...definitely americans!

There was even a petting zoo.

And can you believe this view is in the middle of the city?! Wish I could get a good book and just go sit.

Colorado 2012 Part 3

My Grandma turned 100!
So we decided a party was in order. But that involved a slight detour to Kansas. 9 hours and a tire blow out later, we were able to spend some time with her and celebrate her 100 years.:)

We were in hour into our late night drive, the boys were fast asleep, things were going well, when we heard a pop and my dad pulled right over.  Thankfully, we were safe and thanks to 3 strong men, we were back on the road again in record time. Unfortunately, that meant my boys were wide awake! 

She was so excited to see us. Her memory isn't what it used to be, but she remembered that we had driven a long way to see her.

I love all the work and love represented by these hands

Time to Party! B really wanted to talk to Grandma. 

Sad to be missing a few key players in our family, and N looks like he's having a fabulous time:) 

And we just gotta show our muscles:) Go figure that the one person who really wanted this picture isn't showing his muscles.

The boys loved getting some snuggle time in with Uncle D. Couldn't believe B wanted a blanket in the middle of the one the hottest summers I can remember!

N loves to be in charge. And driving engineering his "train" was right up his alley. He must have driven the same short little course pulling other kids atleast a hundred times.

One of the highlights of our trip for the boys was visiting a combine working in the fields.

I love the relationships that my family has with my children. Even though we are separated most of the year, N & B have such great role models around them.

Love my L! The few times I get to see my nieces, I can't help but wish for more time with them. And apparently, tractors are appealing to girls too.

The dreams and possibilities that await this little boy are endless. To be awed by something so normal and ordinary to the rest of us...

They both got a turn riding in the combine while it cut the wheat. What a special treat. I can tell you that if we lived closer, I wouldn't be able to keep these 2 away. 

                                                  Any one know of a combine for sale?!?!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Colorado 2012 Part 2

We got to spend some quality time with my brother and his wife after their 3 year absence. And I love how we could pick right back up and have so much fun together!

Okay, so we really enjoy the silliness:)

We enjoyed a day going to the Territory Days parade. Love to people watch...its amazing what some peoples moms let them out of the house wearing:)

I LOVE this picture. The care and tenderness...

We spent part of the day having a great picnic, having races and learning to climb trees.

Or in B's case...battle trees. I think he finally showed that tree he was boss!

The boys loved having Uncle Danny and Auntie Katy around, they're kid magnets:)

Anybody want a s'more?!? Anybody? 

Getting some Nonni cuddle time

I think the sugar's getting to his head!

What a great ending to a great day!

N's always had a fascination for the go-go's in Papa's garage. And it appears Hinder (his stuffed monkey) is also developing a love. That or Noah is trying to convince him.

We also got to go celebrate with a very special birthday girl. One of the hard parts of being far away from family is missing all the family events. And I love when we can make them. She sat with her tiara in her chair through everyone singing to her and opening her presents. Look out Daddy...she may want this kind of treatment all the time:)

What a cool birthday cake. I always wanted to make one of these but never had a reason. Thanks, L for having a birthday to enjoy a pretty cool cake!

And what's a pool party without a little pool time. I love the laugh these 2 are sharing. Getting someone wet seems to be so funny to little boys (and not so little boys too)

This picture best describes our time at the pool. N turning into a fish and going right for it. And B sitting on the sidelines not wanting anything to do with the pool for fear that he would sink:)

But I think my very favorite part of the trip was getting to meet my nephew right in the hospital. There is something just so special about holding a life so new.

The boys couldn't seem to keep their hands off of him:) 

Baby C-someday, these boys will show you all it means to be a boy. They'll introduce you to all the construction equipment we can find, teach you about the importance of watching the trash truck every week and the mysteries of why people hitting themselves and body noises are so funny. We love you so much!

And who can pass up a chance for an impromptu photo!!

Seeing a brand new baby makes mine look so big! (Gulp!)

Not only did we get to meet a new nephew, but also a new niece! N was so proud to hold little M.

Baby M-we love you and can't wait to play with you as you grow. Unfortunately, this family doesn't know much about girl things, but we'd be happy to learn from you and your big sister. And maybe teach you how a boy is supposed to treat you:)

And B couldn't wait to hold her too. (in a high pitched voice "she's so Cute!")

I couldn't help but look at this picture and think back...

...its amazing how fast the time is going, and I wish I could slow it down, just a bit.