Thursday, September 21, 2006

Things are finally starting to come together in the nursery. The crib is up and waiting, the monkey rug is on the floor and now all we need is the baby to complete itJ As many of you know, Aaron’s favorite hockey team is the Colorado Avalanche…our basement is a proud display of their colors and so naturally, he wanted the baby to have some way to also support the team. Just last night, we pulled the car seat out of the box to try out Aaron’s latest purchase. He bought the baby an Avalanche car seat cover!!! I should also note that we have been practicing holding a baby using a teddy bear and last night the teddy bear was also the model for the car seat. As I watched Aaron’s tenderness towards the teddy bear as he placed it in the car seat and buckled it in, I got tears in my eyes. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a wonderful man!!

Monday, September 11, 2006


In the last couple of weeks, I have been reminded of how that wonderful husband of mine is already a hands-on amazing dad even though he can't see his child yet. We put the crib together this weekend and this morning, I walked out of our bedroom to find him just standing in the nursery gazing at that crib. He has also wanted to be hands-on in all areas of this pregnancy and like so many soon-to-be fathers, he is very curious about the mysteries of what it feels like to be kicked by the baby. I have had a hard time trying to explain it to him in a way he can understand but several nights ago, he found his own way to relate… We were making pizza and I was preparing the dough in the breadmaker. As the dough was spinning around inside the breadmaker, he picked up the machine and held it to his stomach and asked… “is this what it feels like when “Ziggy” kicks?” J I had never thought of putting it that way, but I suppose in a way, it would feel a little like that. I just love the fact that he’s trying to relate.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Whew! These last couple weeks have been so crazy that all I could do last night after my first day back to work this week was crash on the couch! After coming back from Colorado for Tutu's funeral, we went to the White Sox game in Chicago with a couple from church (those are the pictures from the previous posting) and then Wednesday night Aaron's 2 brothers and best friend arrived. We had tons of fun with the boys here and of course, there were lots of sports orientated activites involved, but I had fun non-the-less. After 36 holes of golf on their own on Thursday, I rode along for 36 holes of golf on Friday, we went to a Cubs game on Saturday (and yes, I finally got my beloved CHIPOTLE!!!!). Sunday after church, we decided to go back out to the golf course for 18 more holes in honor of Micah's 31st birthday that day. Monday morning rolled around and when the word GOLF came out of several mouths, Emily finally put her foot down:) I had had enough. So instead, with all 4 boys in tow, we went and got pedicures! And I think they enjoyed it! It was finally time to show these boys what they'd been missing out on. We came back and spent some time outdoors playing croquet and corn hole. And now, at least for a few weeks, life is returning to normal. Its hard to imagine that only 2 weeks from now, I'll be back in Colorado. And in baby news...we are at 7 months! Can you believe it? "Ziggy" has been moving so much. And I think he/she is already feeling claustrophobic because there is a lot of stretching/pushing going on. For the first time this week, I think it finally really hit and sunk in. I can finally invision this child in our lives. Its an awesome and scary thought all at the same time. We also were able to go and get the carseat/stroller. We're still waiting on the crib and glider rocker to come in so we can finish assembling the nursery. On that final note, below are some pictures from this past weekend with the boys...

Friday, September 08, 2006