Monday, January 26, 2009

1 week left and Mr. Personality

Grey skies are pretty much the norm right now-but what I wouldn't give for a bright, sunny Colorado day!!! I was going through pics, trying to organize them and went through some pics of summertime and now I've got the bug:) Green grass, long walks, shorts and flip flops... But I keep reminding myself that God gives us winter to remind us how good summer really is and I definitely appreciate it more!
The baby counter's message on the side of my blog cracked me up today..."this week the baby has almost no room to move." YOU THINK!??!!:):):) My belly is definitely trying to tell me that its ready to stop growing and if all these kicks and stretches are any indication, a certain little boy is feeling the squeeze too:) I have really been enjoying feeling him moving so much. It hurts and is a lot more uncomfortable than I remember it being with Noah, but I love it all the same. To think that there is an actual baby in there just amazes me. Isn't our God amazing?!? Before I know it, he'll be out here running to keep up with his big brother and showing us that he can be just as stubborn as Noah too:) 
Noah is finding more and more ways to crack me up too. Today, I took a video on my phone and sent it to Aaron. About an hour later, Noah came up to me and said "take picture of Noah with phone too. Noah go get it." and off he ran. He came back with his play phone, "took a picture" of himself and then started pushing all the buttons on his phone. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was sending the picture to Daddy! I think he was trying to text. Thats definitely not something I knew anything about when I was 2!!! What a different generation Noah is growing up in.
He wants to be just like Daddy. I find that he has become Aaron's shadow anytime Aaron is around.
He is such a helper! He loves to help me make anything in the kitchen. We pull the chair over and learn how to count and dump and mix and make until something fun comes out of it all. Perhaps a budding chef?
And his shoe fettish is still thriving. He is constantly tromping around our house in shoes that are not his own, be it Daddy's slippers or flip flops or Mama's ballet dress shoes.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

14 days and counting...

Its hard to believe we are down to the final weeks. I just got the carseat installed in the van, the room is as ready as it can be and all the baby clothes are washed. 
I'm in the process of trying to pack our bags for the hospital and Noah's stay with friends just in case this one wants to make an early entrance. Okay...honestly, I'm thinking if I'm super prepared, Poohba will take his sweet time in getting here and all our planning of family coming in will work out the way its supposed to:) I just can't believe its almost here. I feel like I just found out I was pregnant and in 2 weeks I will be holding my precious little one!! Those 9 months of pregnancy that God grants us are an eternity and a blink of the eye all at the same time! Its amazed me both times! But its good that God gives us so much time...we're barely going to be finished before he arrives as it is! 
I was thinking that January would be a nice, quiet month for us to just relax and enjoy family time. But it has been anything but. Every weekend has been filled with projects or people. Don't get me wrong, I have loved every minute, but its amazing how fast that calendar can fill up!  I think I have something planned for every day from now until we arrive at the hospital!:)
And I'm finally beginning to feel REALLY pregnant! I'm slowing down and everything is taking twice as long. Although, I do have to say that I'm proud of the fact that this time, I can still tie my own shoes!!:) The aches and pains of carrying this basketball in front of me are finally settling in and I can tell Poohba is running out of room since he's trying to find it in any spare inch from my bladder to my ribs and lungs! But I'm still trying to enjoy every moment, knowing that it will be gone before I know it!

Poohba's nursery

I have heard a lot of people asking for me to post pics of the nursery, but I've been trying to wait until the room was complete. Unfortunately, the crib is still missing, but hopefully within the next week, that should be up too. So, because I'm so anxious to show you too, I'll post the pics so far and then post one of the final completed room once its finished...Hope you enjoy the process a whole lot more than we did:) We're just glad its done!!!
So I was looking for a pic of the office before and I really don't have that many (who needs pics of an office!) So, you get one in transition mode. 
Everything out of the office and in its place downstairs. The work upstairs begins...
Aaron was a little unsure of the color at first but it grew on him.
While my parents were here in December, we taped and painted the stripes. Just when Aaron didn't think I could come up with anything more elaborate...I present him with this idea. It turned out amazing, but man was it a lot of work! (I think Aaron is VERY thankful there isn't anything left to paint in our house!!!:))
My mom even managed to match the walls!! Wait...where did she go!?!?:)
The stripes are all painted. I explained more about our agonizing process here where we ended up staying up until 2 am one night because we realized the 2 coats for the stripes had to be painted all at once.
Aaron spent much of Christmas weekend and many of the following weekends building the changing table. Yes, we already had one for Noah, but it will soon lose the changing table pad and just be a clothes organizer. We wanted each of our boys to have one that Daddy made for them. Noah was a big help in putting it together.
And now its a beautiful, finished piece of furniture.
And the pic of the room as it is now. Now all we need is one crib and one little boy to fill it!!:)

Monday, January 12, 2009


28 Reasons why I love you so...
1. Your faith
2. Your love for our kids
3. Your strong work ethic
4. Your willingness to help
5. Your faithfulness to me
6. Your brains
7. Your knowledge about so many things
8. Your willingness to help out friends
9. Your support of what I do
10. Your willingness to get up every morning to make sure Noah and I have food to eat, clothes to wear and a warm house to sleep in
11. Your knack for worrying because it means you care
12. Knowing when to hold me while I cry
13. Teaching me to laugh at myself when I do clumsy/stupid things
14. Your taste in clothes (and all your many shoes:))
15. Putting yourself last-i.e. buying both the X-Terra and Van when you really wanted a truck
16. Being silly with Noah
17. Giving me back rubs when I know you're tired and your back hurts too
18. Your love of sour punch straws
19. The safety I find when you hold me
20. Your willingness to paint all those stripes and all those rooms when I know you hate it so much.
21. Your need for symmetry
22. Your willingness to get down and dirty in parenting with me, instead of me doing it all
23. The fact that you understand me like no one else can
24. Working on all these projects when I know you would rather be relaxing after a long day at work.
25. The fact that you are secure in who God has made you
26. Your love of watching a good movie with me
27. The ability you possess to make something with your hands to pass down to our children
28. Your love for me!!
I love you, Aaron and I am so thankful God has blessed you with 28 wonderful years. I pray that he will allow us to celebrate for many more years together!! 
Happy Birthday, sweetie!!

Baby clothes

Boxes are coming down from the attic and the loads of laundry are multiplying....its time to bring out all of the baby clothes and gear.
Hard to believe its already time, but we wanted to make sure Noah had plenty of time to adjust and get the curiosity out of his system. 
And let me tell you...I'm finding all kinds of things in the baby swing, carseat and throughout the nursery. (pretzels, cars, stuffed animals, blanket and anything else that comes to mind) I could be spending a lot of my time in the future finding all those "treasures" that Noah will be hiding:)
Seeing all those little clothes and remembering another little boy who wore them makes me more and more excited to welcome our second little boy!

Hanging out as a family

My overall boys! Getting ready to shovel all that snow we got!! I think we got over a foot and its supposed to snow some more tonight! 
And he decided its not all bad to hang out with Mama too...although I'm a definite 2nd to Daddy:)
Noah was super excited to get this sucker. What's better than a sucker and book!?!?
Noah received this sweatshirt from Auntie Marlene and Uncle Mike. It lights up and he is in LOVE with it. Once its on, I have to fight him to get it back off!!
Noah knows where baby brother to help him understand what's about to happen when baby brother emerges into the outer world:):):)
We're down to the final days...3 weeks left!!!
Rediscovering old friends and making sure they're okay for baby brother
Double take...
Working on one closet 2 years ago....
And on to the next one:)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Potty talk

So we aren't really trying to potty train Noah, atleast not yet. But we do have a potty chair in the bathroom for him and every once in a while, he asks to use it and sometimes we get results!:) The other day, I saw that look in his eyes and decided to ask if he needed to use the potty. He replied..."Nope, go check." and took off for the bathroom. I followed him, curious to see what he was doing.
He walked over to the potty chair, pulled out the little drawer and said "Nope, no potty." 
Hmmmm....looks like we're definitely not understanding the concept yet:)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Changes for a new year

So, for anyone who knows me, they know that I love change. I love to rearrange, paint, redecorate, name it:) And this year will bring many changes for our family. Noah will grow and change on an almost daily basis, we'll be adding a new member to our family who will grow and change just as rapidly. And who knows how many more changes this year will bring. 
So, to commemorate this new year, I thought a new look would be in order.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Project 365

So, I heard about Project 365 (click on the name to get more info) from a friends blog and thought it was a great idea. You take a picture every day and its a fun way to document the whole year. I decided I wanted to give it a try, but I would post the pics once a week. I knew it would be difficult, given that I would be out of commission for several days, but I didn't realize how hard it would be until I went to post the first weeks pics and saw that I had only taken a picture the first day! Woops! Looks like something I'll try again next year:)

Christmas, New Years and everything in between

Currently, Noah is down for his nap, Aaron is in the garage working on Poohba's changing table and I finally have time to sit down and do some more posting. We are still busy getting little projects finished and wrapping up the big ones. Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a few quiet weeks before life gets turned upside down:)
Noah loves to help Daddy shed his outerwear when he comes home from work. And occasionally, it finds its way onto his little body. Looks like he has a bit of growing to do before he can fill Daddy's coat:)
Playing horsey with Daddy-a new favorite of Noah's
My big boy:)
Christmas Day
Mommy and her lovebug have so much fun!
Our family will only be this small for a short time longer!!
Noah is addicted to Guitar Hero. Every night when Aaron gets home from work, Noah asks him to play. He doesn't really play, but he loves to hold the guitar and strum.
For reasons unknown to Mommy, Noah loves to get himself stuck under the kitchen chairs.
I came downstairs the other day to see Aaron and Noah and found that N had made himself comfortable:) Who knows how long he had been sitting like this:)
This is how we go out to get the mail on really cold days together:)
My little boy is already learning all about safety
Our group for New Years (minus Noah)...getting ready to take a dip in our neighbors hot tub. Let me just say...Lai amazed me by running barefoot back from the hot tub in the snow!!