Friday, February 26, 2010

Love of books

I have always loved to read. One thing I hope to instill in my boys is a love of reading and books. And I think its working:)
Noah lives for the trips to the library to get new books and we love to read together.
And maybe this is a sign that it might be working for his little brother too...

Friday, February 19, 2010

A mish mash of photos

This is my Mommy and B-man and me. We like to have fun togever.
This is my friend, E. I like to hang out with her and make her wauf.
Do you see anything funny about this picture? Breven is always taking this sock off.
Is this what happens when you let Mommy loose with a whole backpack full of cars. She lines them up according to type.:) It would only be really bad if it were color coordinated too:)
They like to snuggle like this after his bath and while I'm taking mine.
B-man likes to be just like me. Someday I'll even let him use a step stool to stand next to me. But for now, I kind of like being a lot taller than him.
Its fun to watch for trash trucks togever and we both get excited when we see one.
Breven's my best buddy!
Can you guess what I was eating?
It was a chocolate cupcake!!!!
Past and Present
watch us grow...
March 2009
Feb 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The official 1st birthday party!!!

Okay, so you should know by now...there are gonna be a lot of pictures...25 to be exact, but who's really counting. Out of 290 pictures, 25 isn't really a whole lot!:) So, without further ado...
I chose this theme because not only is B my little monkey, but this particular monkey looks like him!
And this cake is extra special. Nonni made the monkey face and ears! She sent them home with Aaron when he was just in CO! I was trying to figure out how on earth I was going to decorate the cake when I am an amateur (and I mean amateur) cake decorator! The timing was perfect and the cake was a sinch for me to make!
Thanks, Nonni for saving the day and helping me make the cake!
I had so much fun planning this party. It was all about monkeys and bananas. You have to start off with some games...
Game #1: Make a banana out of playdough contest
Here are some of the entries...I was really surprised at the creativity. There were lots of whole bananas, but also 1 banana cream pie, several peeled bananas, a sliced and peeled banana and even the word banana spelled out!
Game #2: Find the banana's hidden around the house. (there were 42 banana runts)
This game was originally intended for the adults but the kids took to it as soon as we explained the rules. Who knew they'd have so much fun looking for little banana's everywhere!
Game #3: Poem writing contest. You had to create a poem including 4 given words. I was really impressed with the rhyming!
Game #4: Guess how many bananas in the container. (I think we like this game a LOT. Its easy, doesn't take a lot of thought, but gets people thinking.)
And then there's the food.
Since it is a 1 year old's birthday party, I wanted it to be things that he likes and enjoys, so lots of snacky foods.
We had all kinds of fun hanging out and playing the games...
And of course....the pics you've all been waiting for,
Making a wish,
And then digging right in. Not really. It actually took him a while to get into it, but I think he was more aware of all the people watching him. Noah even ran to get him a fork!
Not a bad start, but come on buddy. You can do better!
Ummm. Okay. Not quite what I meant either, but glad to see you're enjoying it.
And of course, there he goes sticking it in the ears.
But every kids gotta find out what chocolate tastes like in your ears.
I think he liiikes it!
Another tradition.
Taking a pic next to the covered-in-chocolate birthday boy. Too bad Noah didn't want to be in the picture!
And the word UPSET is an understatement for how he felt at having to be cleaned up.
I love that there is still chocolate in places even after all that clean up!
He loved seeing all the people, but liked sticking close to Mommy and Daddy for most of the time.
And then there are the guests...minus one family who was husbandless at the time of pictures and so they'll have to remain faceless:)
Bill, Eve and baby Eden.
Steve, Katrina, Caleb and Lauren
PJ, Lai and Bowen
And why not try for one more family photo. Oh, wait. What's that Noah? Gotta go save the damsel in distress. Couldn't you atleast stay for 1 picture? Pretty please?!?
I'd say the party was a smashing success!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breven's steps to the perfect birthday...

Its my birthday....did you hear?!
Step 1:
Gotta start my day out with a good, well balanced meal. Noah...I'd like some breakfast, please.
Step 2: Send Noah off to the grocery store to get some ingredients for breakfast. Just look at all the great finds he got.
Step 3:
Oh, I'm so excited!!! I love to eat, I love to eat, I love to eat my yummy food!!
Step 4:
Watch the master at work. Can't you just smell the eggs?
Step 5:
Bond with big brother and find out what he does while I take my naps. This TV stuffs pretty interesting. How come Mommy hasn't shown me this before?
Step 6:
Chill (writers note: this is the easiest step, repeat often)
Step 7:
Listen to them all sing some silly song while they smile at me. I did like the pancake and blueberries though.
Step 8:
Learn something new. Daddy is teaching me how to show how old I am now.
Step 9:
Laugh. A lot. Everything seems better when you laugh.
Step 10:
Enjoy some family time. And a new toy doesn't hurt either.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Brotherly love

I'm gonna love you even if it hurts!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Playing with the boys!

Its fun to see them all playing so well together.
(btw-I've started watching a friend's little girl, so its not that we have a new child,
but a new friend to play with us all the time.)
I just LOVE those big blue eyes! I think the shirt makes 'em look even more blue.
Noah is such a big helper. He loves to get right up close to her and make her smile. And he's pretty good with a bottle too:)
We love our Miss Lori!
They were playing peekaboo, but this is the best shot I got...
Too bad its a bit blurry, but I love this pic anyways!!
Do you ever wonder what's going on inside their heads?
(B has so much more hair than Noah did at the same age and its always crazy like this. Thank goodness it only takes a little water:))
I love to see how much fun these 2 have together. Noah makes Breven smile like no one else!
There are always ways to entertain on a cold snowy day, especially when friends come to play
Where did Breven go?!?!