Monday, November 30, 2009

Day to Day in November

Can you believe that tomorrow is December? How this year is flying by! And Noah is really getting excited about his birthday on Friday. Here are some photos from the last couple weeks.
I still LOVE this face! It makes me laugh every time! And the great part is that he loves to do it!
Great pic-they're playing together! Well, not together together, but you know what I mean!
He's working on it! Its amazing how much pressure I'm getting from various people about Breven's skills. Even his doctor was a little worried that he wasn't more interested in crawling yet. But ya know-I'm okay with the fact that he still isn't crawling. I am enjoying these last few weeks of knowing that when I put B down somewhere, he'll be in the general vacinity. (he does move around somehow but I never see it happen:)) I'm almost wanting him to wait to crawl until after Christmas to avoid the Christmas tree wrestling matches that would ensue if and when Breven ever gets his hands on it:)
Noah decided he and Hinder were ready for a workout.
I think he's got "make sure he doesn't fall out" down.
Its already time to move Breven's crib down. And because there wasn't much of a difference, we moved it down to its lowest setting. :( My baby can't be growing that fast!!!
We finally got him looking at the camera!
While out in the garage with Daddy, decided he wanted to hammer something together. But of course, you have to be safe!
We have been having way too much fun with the beads Nonni brought with her. They are the boys favorite toy, who knew you could do so much with them?
One bead, two bead...
Hmm...I wonder how they taste. I wonder if I can sneak a taste before Mommy sees...
Noah and I made a bead person
And we had to make bead Noah and bead Breven.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The firestation

This may cause blogger to go into a photo over load!! TONS of pictures ahead. Proceed with caution..
I really wanted to take Nonni and Papa to the firestation, so Saturday Mommy, Daddy, Breven, Nonni and Papa and me paid them a visit.
I wanna sit right here when I grow up. What do you think, Mama?
The fire trucks were so loud I had to plug my ears. Mommy tried pulling my fingers out a couple times, but it was way too loud.
Come on, guys! Let me show you around...
They even let Breven try out the drivers seat.
The hat was a little scary (and really heavy) so I had Papa wear the hat instead.
They even gave me a coloring book!
It doesn't get any better than this!
Look! Doesn't Papa look ready to go to an emergency?
Oh, hold on. I've got a booger.
This is the inside of an ambulance.
And then the coolest part. They started up one of the fire trucks and drove it around to the back so we could see how the hose works to spray water.
There is goes around the block.
It was so loud, next time I'm bringing earplugs.
I wasn't sure I wanted to hold the hose, but having both Mama and Daddy helped made it more fun.
Okay, show 'em your new trick, Breven. Wave bye-bye.

Every day with Nonni and Papa

Showing Nonni and Papa how to watch for the trash truck.
And teaching Breven how its done.
I can just imagine all the fun these 2 will have.
And all the exercise they'll give their Mama as she chases after them.
Noah loved having a playmate all day, everyday. And how cool to see my Dad get down on the floor to play with both boys.
Making verenika. So, confession time. I really didn't make it. I was supposed to learn so I can start doing it solo (and its a lot of work for one person) but ended up doing so many other things while she made them. Thanks, Mom for all the hard work and know that Aaron will be thanking you everytime we make them!
Aaron's favorite night of the week!
(btw-verenika is a traditional family dinner passed down from my Dad's side of the family that is a pocket filled with cottage cheese, boiled, fried and covered with a ham gravy. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.)
Sneaking in some cuddle time with Daddy.
I LOVE, love, love this picture. Wanna be just like Papa.
Remind me how I did all this without them around? This made me understand why families live together in other cultures. I love my space, but having them so close was a nice change of pace-
we were like a well oiled machine:)
I just want to squeeze and hug 'em all the time!, proof that I do
Can't you just imagine this same pic in about 13-14 years with his first car? He's so proud of that motorcycle.
Reading with Papa.
Finally! A picture with my love. Normally one of us has to stay behind the camera.
Breven's favorite place to be. He LOVES his food.
Church with the boys.
We love you, Nonni and Papa! And miss you already!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Celebrating Noah's birthday early

Can you believe my baby's turning 3? WOW, scary to think I've been a mom for 3 years. And I have SO much more to learn. But I have loved every minute of it and can't wait to see how he shakes up our world in the years to come.
Noah follows after me and loves any kind of dessert. An early birthday apple pie? Perfect!
And how fun to be able to celebrate his birthday with family!
I would LOVE to know what's going on in his head for this look:)
And who needs wrapping paper when you have a suitcase?!?!:)
I love these pictures.
It really shows his love for Nonni and Papa as he thanks them for his gifts.