Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What an eventful time this weekend turned out to be!! Friday at work, my department threw me a shower with yummy food from Olive Garden. They also showered me with lots of fun things for the baby…clothes, books, toys and diapers were among the goodies. I have been blessed to have a department that I love and am so thankful they welcomed me with open arms. Friday night, we were scheduled to go to small group. We arrived at one of the couple’s houses for small group and found out that they were throwing a surprise shower for me!!! They had made the whole event tropical themed, even down to the glasses with the umbrellas in them. We played several games and enjoyed some more yummy food.:) And I was showered again with so many blessings for the baby. We left Saturday morning and went to spend the weekend with Aaron’s Aunt and Uncle up North of Chicago. We had so much fun with them. It has been a while since we had been able to see them, so we were glad to finally find a time that worked for everyone. We spent Saturday afternoon and evening with them and made plans to meet up with them for lunch on Sunday. Aaron and I enjoyed a leisurely morning on Sunday and met up with Aunt Marlene and Uncle Mike at the restaurant. We walked in and were surprised with yet another shower!! I was a little confused at first since there were a lot of unfamiliar faces and I thought they had just surprised the wrong person. But after glancing around the room, I began to see faces of people I knew. Another one of Aaron’s Aunt and Uncles were there, along with Aaron’s mom!! She had flown up from Colorado!!! I soon found out that the room was filled with many of Aunt Marlene and Uncle Mike’s friends and family. They had gathered to give Aaron and I a shower for the baby! In this world where bad news seems to outweigh the good and people are doing some horrendous things, here a group of people had gathered around to support Aaron and I without even knowing us!!!! I have to say that Aunt Marlene and Uncle Mike have some AMAZING friends and family. Looking back on the weekend, I feel so blessed that God has given us so many caring, supportive friends and family. Even being so far from our families in Colorado, we have found a home here with people who have reminded us that we are loved.


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