Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What we've been up to

The weeks are getting away from me. This whole "being on a schedule" thing is really tough for me. I've loved our time of doing what we want and now we're trying to embrace the new

Celebrating with my boys. (and yes...I know I'm that far behind!)
Noah is loving all the fun things he makes at school. He loved running around "scaring" Mommy with his spider hat.
Who knew...they spent the whole summer avoiding the sandbox just to discover a love for it just as the leaves are falling off the trees. I've finally had to tell them the sandbox is closed for the season. But I forsee a bright future for the sandbox:)
We had a fun small group night of carving pumpkins. We are no dummies. We knew the boys' attention wouldn't last long, so we only carved one pumpkin. And as Aaron said...
That's as Hawaiian as a pumpkin can get in our neck of the woods:)
Most of our small group. The night was a success.
We also got to take a trip into the big city to visit the Aquarium and going in the middle of the week was great. We were able to take in all of the exibits we wanted to without dealing with the crowds.
The boys enjoyed watching the dolphins and whales
And I think the boys finally found Crush...from Finding Nemo
We had a great day. We ended the day at the Lego store and I could have filled a pool with all the boys drool. I wish I had pictures but they were in heaven...and definitely couldn't decide which set was their dream set
B likes to Rock the hair!