Monday, August 20, 2012

Whats new

These last few weeks of lazy summer have flown right by. And what do we have to show for it?

A really great tan!!

We have developed a deep love for the local sand and waves and spend time every week digging, building, splashing, swimming and thoroughly enjoying some mini-vacation time:)

We also stocked up on blueberries. Although it appears B stocked more inside his stomach than inside his bucket.

N and best buddy J had lots of fun finding the biggest berry.

And I got the privilege of surprising my Mama. What fun. I love surprises and its not very often you get to have a fun surprise. 
For those that don't know, my mom is going through breast cancer. It shocked us all but I think its drawn out the best in our family. Its made us appreciate each other more and be thankful for every precious moment we have here on this earth. My moms a fighter and she's right in the midst of showing this cancer who's boss. 

I love the joy that continues to radiate through her. I love that my parents have become more united and have decided that this is just one more way for God to reveal His glory and goodness through this trial. And I love my moms bald head:) 

I got to go for the head shaving party. My parents had no idea I was coming, but what a celebration it was. I'm so thankful I got to be a part of it and watch the family have fun in the form of mohawks and laughter. 

It was fun to watch her be able to whip off that wig and instantly have a new night look:) I know she won't ever flaunt it in public, but she sure looks like one tough Mama when she's at home. 
And I'm still working on convincing her to get a tattoo...what every bald head calls for:) 

So in honor of that head shaving party, my boys decided to shed their hair for her too. I have to say they all looked pretty cute with little mohawks.

And of course, with a mohawk, comes the real attitude!

A friend is teaching me to quilt. I found a quilt I loved for the biggest boy but didn't want to spend the big bucks the company was asking for it. So we're making our own version. And I gotta say I like it even better than the one in the store.

Some newly shaven boys playing a new favorite game...Rush Hour.

We decided we had held off long enough and it was time to get N into some organized sports. So into soccer he went. And I think he really likes it. Its really entertaining to watch the huddle move around the field with the ball, and I love all the random butterfly catching, twirling and zoning out that happens during the game too:) (surprisingly, N was not part of that group, he actually managed to stay focused and with the ball most of the time)

Here's my out take for the week. I told the boys to just keep playing the game while Mama took pictures, but B just can't help himself. He's just too used to looking at the camera:)