Sunday, April 17, 2011

Noni's visit

Last weekend, we had the privilege of having Noni come and spend a long weekend with us and we had so much fun. And thankfully, Noni brought the beautiful, warm weather with her so we could enjoy some time outside.
Our first item on the agenda: Potty Training.
Whats better than potty training a little boy? Having 2 adults to potty train a little boy.
Okay, so go with me for a second...when B was born, Noni arrived and Noah was 26 months and 3 days. Upon arriving, Noni got the notion to potty train Noah and while it was time consuming, he seemed to get it(and while she had to do most of the work since I had just had major surgery, I didn't say no).
And when we realized that Noni would be arriving this time with Breven being the exact same age as Noah had been (26 months and 3 days) we thought B might be just as trainable as Noah had been.
Uh. Yeah. Right.
He proved how different from Noah he could be! We spent all of Friday running to the potty every 5 minutes with ZERO results. Well, okay so maybe there were 2 times he went, but definitely not enough to count. And I think its safe to say Noni and I were both wiped out from trying to stay excited with him all day! (and we wore him out so much he slept an extra 1 1/2 hours the next morning!)
When he finally woke up the next morning, we started the routine all over again. Took him straight to the potty and then on to breakfast. After the first 5 minutes and the realization that he had decided the training pants were a much safer place to relieve himself than the potty, Mom and I threw up the white flag.
And let me just say that while I would love to have a potty trained little boy right now, our weekend was much more enjoyable!
And of course, what visit with my mom would be complete without a huge batch of verenika and a picture behind the counter.
Saturday, after a lazy morning and lunch we left the sleeping boys in capable hands and had some great girl time. Pedicures and some therapy shopping always makes everything better ;)
Sunday was so beautiful that we spent the bulk of the day outside. The boys are loving all the spots to dig around the house and all the trucks to fill with dirt. Something tells me that while they may not make a career out of it, construction will definitely play some part in their future.
And a future businessman of America is prepping for his entrance into the work force.
Like his big brother, he loves to keep his phone close in case his boss needs to call. In fact, I've seen him with a phone to each ear a lot lately. I didn't realize he was in such demand!


Katy said...

Sounds like an awesome time... sorry the training didn't work! ;)

Danny said...

Great post. I especially love the picture of Breven and his cell phone. A real smile.
Noah's "rockin in the usa" shirt is Pretty awesome, but he kind of looks like a zombie in the picture.