Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Celebrating the end of summer

The boys and I have fallen in love with the beach this year. And so, to celebrate the end of summer, we decided one more trip was in order. So we invited some friends, packed up the van and headed off for some sun and sand.
B's ready to jump in!
The boys have discovered how to dig really big holes...lets just hope I can keep from falling into them!
At one point, I looked over to see this. I have no idea how he got the sand up there, but once he discovered it, there was much whining until it was off.
It started raining while we were eating lunch, so what better way to stay dry?
And to finish the day off, we took a walk on the pier. A little heart stopping for this Mama, I will admit, but the boys loved it. They got to be really close to the boats and loved waving to all the captains.
And I saw this pic and love how it shows these 2 are definitely brothers. Maybe not from the front, but definitely from the back!:)