Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Photo ops gone wrong

There's just something about trying to get 2 ACTIVE boys stopped, looking at the camera and smiling all at the same time. Thought you might enjoy seeing all the silly things these 2 do when I point a camera in their direction. (I think they're starting to do it on purpose!!)
Hey, N! The camera's this way.
The camera isn't going to be loud, B. I promise!
We just need 2 other people and we can complete the looking in all directions...
This one made me laugh. I often say that taking care of little kids is like herding cats...ain't gonna happen! (and yes, that is a whoppi cushion on my child's head)
Atleast this shows them doing something together...singing. Uncle Danny-look familiar?!?!?
And well, I thought it was just my own kids, but perhaps its the age:)


shell said...

emily these are great. mine are all old enough to look at the camera, but they give these AWFUL smiles that look like plastic dolls. oh well!

Robb and Melissa said...