Monday, December 19, 2011

I see trains everywhere!

Noah's birthday party was a complete success. He has successfully entered the magical age of 5!
Can you tell what the theme of the party was?
It was fun to have family here to celebrate with us. Lolli and Poppi were great at helping us set up and get ready. Aaron and his Dad did a great job with the train tracks up the front step and into the house.
Every year, Noah challenges me just a little bit more with his cake. I really enjoy it though and I think it came out pretty cute:)
Have I mentioned how much I love my Cricut?
It has become a favorite friend when it comes to creativity!
We had a coloring station as everyone was arriving. B was the conductor...but I'm not so sure he was able to keep everyone on course:)
Next, we had cookie decorating. Quite messy and chaotic, but also fun. Noah's mountain of frosting and sprinkles will have him on a sugar rush for atleast the next month!
Our final game was my favorite. It turned out really well. We had different colored boxes of legos (thanks, Katrina!) The object was to build a Train engine with the Legos provided. And we had some pretty good entries:)
And the surprising winner...Lolli and Poppi! Who knew all those years of Lego building would pay off:)
But I gotta say this is my favorite party of any of our parties. I love the feeling of all our friends and family surrounding us, reminding us of how much God has blessed us!
Loved looking over and seeing this. N got this book from Miss Lori and loved it so much he couldn't wait to read it. Love that Bo was kind enough to read it to them.
And after the party, a friend needed some help and we left the kids and Men upstairs. When we came back upstairs, they had lined their chairs up to watch a movie, theater style!
All in all, the party was a huge success and N is a very loved boy!:)