Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Colorado 2012 part 1:)

In showing our friend, L the beauty of Colorado, we took her on quite a whirlwind. Below is a brief glance of her time with us

So typical N! He's always ready to tell a story. And B is in the background looking for more rocks to throw into anything resembling water. 

 We took L up to some waterfalls and it was such a great, easy hike. I love being in God's creation, enjoying the fresh air, trailing after 2 boys whose sole purpose at the moment is to relocate each and every rock over the size of their fists into some form of water.

 Steph was a great tour guide. Such a great start to our vacation!

Pete and Re-Pete, MT (me too), MS and MD (Monkey see, Monkey do) There are so many names to describe their relationship, and while they are definitely brothers and fight alot, they're buddies too.

 N had to get a pic with his favorite bumpy head, no hair giraffe. 

And no matter how many times I tried to fix his hat for him, he would push it back to the side. Perhaps the beginnings his finding his own way of doing things.

Such a great view!

 We took L on a tour of some very famous colored rocks (:)) and we enjoyed being mountain goats for a few hours.

This pic cracks me up. Such a silly little boy!

We enjoyed showing L all about balanced rock

Okay, so here's a more realistic picture of the 2 of them:)

He found a spot made just for him...now to just have his blanket, Hinder and a comfy pillow!

Mr. Muscles!

I saw this picture and immediately thought of Sound of Music. Only, our hills need to be filled with the sound of construction equipment!

Way to hold that rock in place, Dad!

We introduced L to the beauty of hiking all over the place and I think we gave her a bit of the hiking bug. Too bad home is so flat!!
We filled our time with visits to Focus, introducing her to all the foods we're missing back home, my favorite dessert and time with my family.
I think L had a great time exploring one of our very favorite parts of the country and while we dropped her off at the airport exhausted, I think she's found a new passion for Colorado.