Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The bathroom remodel

After painting the bedroom in December, it was time to bring the bathroom up to speed. When I told Aaron my parents were coming to help paint the bathroom, I didn't know just how much would be involved in the process. Not only did we add a new coat of paint, but we replaced the toilet, towelbars, vanity light, door knob and shower head.
Dad: Um...Emy. Are you completely sure this is the color you want?
So many days of stuff everywhere was getting to me. It was so bad, I was actually itching to clean the bathrooms, which I HATE doing:)
Ta-da! So fresh and so clean.
Before. Nasty gold light!
After. Hello pretty new light.


Rita said...

Wow! It looks great! And yeah, I could see the hesitation with the first coat of purple! It doesn't look anything like the final, very warm and welcoming (ya know, for a bathroom :))!

Bianca said...

Very pretty!!! :)

oakhaven6 said...

LOVE the purple!! I did have fun painting it. Super to see it all completed! You have done a great job with the finished pictures. I know that it felt good to finally get it all back together.
Love you, Mom