Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The day Harrison Ford came to visit

Who knew such a big star would come to visit us!?!?!
At first he was a little shy...
He really didn't want us to take his picture...
But after a while, he began to warm up to the camera.
He even built a puzzle with Noah!?!?! (did you get the puzzle autographed, Noah?)
See...I told you. Harrison Ford came to visit us!
Thanks, Harrison for taking time to get to know my family. We love you already!!!


Rita said...

Wow! I can really see it in the 2nd to last picture!
I was sorry you and your family were not there Sunday too, but totally understand why! Hope you enjoyed some more family time! We'll chat soon!

Juanita Longanbach said...

I've always thought he resembled him, but man, I've never seen him with a Dr. Richard Kimble!