Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family tattoo day

Because of Uncle Robb's generous love for Noah, we have a bunch of fun tattoos and thought it might be fun to have a family tattoo day.
(I sure hope that sentence doesn't come out of my mouth in 20 years because those might not be so temporary:))
Noah's modeling his monster truck
(take note of the pajama's still on in the middle of the day...definitely a great day at home:))
B and Daddy model their own tattoos: a sherrif's badge for Daddy and Breven declares his love for Mama again.
Now on to find a great place to show off all our tattoos...
(Note from the editor: while Mama did participate in the family tattoo day, as she is the main photographer, her proof will just have to rest in the multiple witnesses Sunday who thought the tattoo was real)


Rita said...

Come on! We want to see yours too! Sorry we had to cancel, I sure miss hanging with your family!

Anonymous said...

Noah looks so serious! Tattoos are very intense work... Breven has such a super grin!! We would like to see yours...looks like you did have a very good day by the
pj's at noon.

Love you, Nonni