Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Happy Birthday, N!

Okay, so I'm a few days late, but its been a crazy week-great, but crazy. Lolli and Poppi surprised N by coming in to celebrate with him for his birthday and at his party (pics will come soon).
(2 days old)
N, I can't believe you're 5! It seems like just last week you came into our lives and made it so much richer and more interesting. When I look back at baby you, I can't help but miss those days when I used to just sit and watch you, with nothing else on the agenda all day. But I also wouldn't trade where we are now for anything. I love your curiosity and enthusiasm for anything with wheels. I love the compassion and kindness that you show others. This week you wanted to share one of your motorcycle magazine with Esha (to send back through Lolli and Poppi)-a testimony to the generous, kind heart God has given you.
(1 years old)
I am always amazed at how easy it is for you to talk to anyone. Something you definitely didn't get from me. :) But you remind me that it doesn't have to be a conversation about rocket science, that you only need to show you're interested in the other person and God will give you the words.
(2 years old)
You are getting so independent. I let you go into the bathroom at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago for the first time. I did however stand right outside the store, counting the minutes, prepared to come to your rescue if you didn't come out in time. But you did just fine, came out in one piece, so proud of yourself for doing what big kids do.
(3 years old)
This is also the year you started school. So its only preschool, but its the beginning of a new part of your life that I won't be able to...okay, I'll just say it-Control. I won't be able to control what you hear, read, who hurts you, or what you're learning. Up until now, that has been my job. But I've learned that it has been the best thing for you. You get so excited about all the new songs, stories, crafts and activities you are learning and doing. You are so confident, you don't look back, don't worry about what I'll be doing while you're gone. You are so ready. You'd have opted for the bus option if preschool offered it. You are just that independent, and I'm thankful for it.
(4 years old)
I love how your smile lights up a room.Even though your boundless energy wears me out, I love that you are just like a Tigger in that you bounce every where. You just learned how to skip and you skip all the time!
(5 years old)
Happy Birthday, Lovebug! Mommy and Daddy are just as in love with you now as when we first met you and we're thankful for the ways God is using you to make us more kind, loving, thankful and patient!
And now, a bit of silly N:
He has a huge knitted blanket from a former co-worker of mine and he loves to use it at nap time. And lately, he's discovered a new way to use it. As a cocoon...
Can you find the N in the pic?
All tucked up and warm, inside, with all of his animals around him.
And another time...
I don't know how he gets in there, but he is definitely sleeping, with all of his animals supporting his legs and back. Silly boy!