Wednesday, February 08, 2012

B is for birthday!

B had a birthday! Bummed you couldn't make it, but wanna come check it out anyways?
B wanted the day to be all about airplanes...and who doesn't love a tracking a little flight time?
B wanted an airplane cake...I think it turned out pretty well:)
And I have to tell the story and I'm sure A is tired of me telling it, but I want to tell it anyways:) So tip for your future...don't let the hubby watch Cakeboss right before you have to make a cake. The cake started as a 9x13 pan with an oreo runway, plop an aiplane on top and call it good. Easy, not much to it and then A decided to get involved! He wanted to add a helipad, control tower and lengthen the runway. I nixed the helipad, the control tower toppled in the night but the runway did grow:) Once we got going, I got more into it and A was great at helping me figure out how to make one of the planes look like it was about to take off.
And needless to say...B loved it!
When asked what his favorite present was...his answer? Dessert!
The boys were so excited before the party they couldn't wait for the guests to arrive.
We played a couple of fun games. Flying planes on the Wii and I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures of it, but we made paper airplanes and had a race.
But as you all know, here's my favorite part of the party. The singing and cake time (with a little present time thrown in) I love everyone coming together to show love to my boy...
Doesn't this make him look so big. Can't believe he's three!
He got an aircraft carrier to carry all those new planes and he has been in heaven ever since. I think his smile says it all!
Happy Birthday B! We love your smile, your enthusiasm for all things car, your love of desserts (just like your Mama!) and your desire to be just like your big brother.
We love you!!! Mama and Daddy