Monday, January 30, 2012

What's new in our world:

- I got a kindle and I'm having a hard time doing all my normal work when all I really want to
do is read
- Our current ordinary life just seems to dull to post about. We're really busy keeping up with
school and friends and things around the house, but that's nothing you all don't do too!
- For A's birthday a couple of weeks ago, N (on his own) picked a couple of items from his
room and went down and wrapped them to give to Daddy. Love that he wants to give- maybe all our hard work is showing through!
- I'm in the process of planning a girls weekend away for my small group girls...can't wait but
its more planning than I thought. Thankfully its almost done!
- Between pinterest and finding new books for my kindle, I'm spending a lot more time on the
computer than I should:)
- I've found some great sites for free Christian ebooks. Love to pass on the websites if you are
-We have had one very disappointed boy with the lack of snow mountains this year. Every year
the snow accumulates in our cul-de-sac to the point that the mountain lasts for most of
the winter. But this year, between the rain and warm temperatures (which this mama is
happy about!) the snow mountains are in short supply this year.
And its all together too close to B's 3rd birthday for my comfort!