Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well, the week on our own has begun and it has been relatively uneventful. Noah has had some trouble feeding, but other than that, things are going good. Aaron had a hard time going back to work and leaving Noah. He got to used to being home:) My parents left early Monday morning and Aaron's mom arrives on Tuesday, the 19th. We are looking forward to having her here and introducing her to her first grandson!!:) It will also be nice to have the extra pair of hands around the house. Who knew life would get so crazy with such a small person. But Aaron and I are learning to role with the punches and enjoy what God has blessed us with. I am also so very thankful for the hands-on, helpful husband God has blessed me with. There are times I'm not so sure about this whole parenting thing, but I am so thankful that Aaron is always so positive and ready to help me work through things. Aaron's aunt and uncle are coming down this weekend, and we are looking foward to having them here. Sorry the pictures are coming as frequently, but as those who have children know, time seems to slip away so easily! A little father/son bonding tummy time Hanging out with mommy while she works on the blog His karate chop Don't you just love those big eyes!!


J Beath said...

Many changes...but nothing you're not able to handle. When you feel a bit overwhelmed, remember those who've gone through what your experiencing right now. All normal feelings!
You're filling the "Mommy Shoes" quite comfortably. You wear them well!
Great picture of Daddy & son...these are treasured memories!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! He is so alert already. How sweet. and yes just get use to rolling with the punches :) it's going to be a part of life but from experience let me tell you enjoy EVERY one of them. They are truly blessings from God and I am sure you are already amazed at how quickly you love someone you really just met. Noah is a lucky little man to have such wonderful parents
Love, Gladys

Dad said...

HE IS SO CUTE!! I'm not biased - just the truth. Often throughout the day I long to hold him in his little yellow suit. Mom and I had such a great time with you three. It was so hard to leave you and little Noah. If he didn't bond, I sure bonded with him sleeping on my chest. I had a good drive home and an enjoyable day with Mom and sisters on Tuesday. The balance of the week went by quickly and now I'm waiting for Mom to come home tomorrow night. God's blessings on your little family. We love you all.
Dad D