Monday, December 11, 2006

What a Week!

Wow! What a week it has been. It is incredible to think that Noah is already a Week old (where does the time go?) It has been an amazing week in which Emy and I will never forget and we have a constant reminder of one of God's miracles and His amazing love for us.
Now for the recap.........Emy, Noah and I arrived home on Thursdayy afternoon and began to settle back into our house. Karen and Jim (Nani and Papa) were at our house to greet and welcome us home. The girls and Noah began doing various things around the house while the boys went out and did a little grocery shopping and errand running. We were all able to relax later that evening and catch up with one another. Friday was a pretty relaxing day as well. Thursday night was the first night home with Noah and I think he did really good sleeping but he is a newborn so of course he was up every couple of hours looking for his Mommy. Saturday, we decided to venture out for the first time and man what a difference! It is amazing how 9 lbs of joy can be accompanied by 40 lbs of stuff! It was an adventure but a great one none-the-less. We did a little shopping and had lunch at Olive Garden. Noah was wonderful, he made the whole trip without being the least bit fussy. Funny thing is, this is pretty much his norm. He is such a mild mannered little man and like any Langness, he rolls with the flow! Our Small Group brought us dinner on Saturday night and we just hung around the house. It was fun to have Jim and Karen hang out for a night with some of the great friends we have made here in Indiana. Sunday was pretty much the same, relaxing and spending time with family. Of course, as these days came and went so did the reminder that Nani and Papa's visit was coming to an end. They left at about 4:00 this morning to drop Nani off in Wisconsin for a retreat and Papa was heading to Kansas for a day with his Mother and sisters. It was so great to have them here to share in our joy and they were an incredible help to us. Today we ventured out into the world again. We visited our OB and he said Emy is recovering well and we also saw Noah's pediatrician who said he looks great. After that we headed over to Chipotle to show Noah to some of the staff and eat a little lunch. We also went to 1st Source, Emy's work, to show Noah to friends there. After 1 week, he already had the ladies lovin him!
Love to all and until next time..........

Noah sleeping in the basinet Nani made

The proud Grandparents (Nani and Papa)

Mom, Dad and Son enjoying a little family time!

Our little Christmas Jail Bird!

The Langness Family


Anonymous said...

Aaron & Emily, Congratulations!!! Noah is SO adorable!!! I wish you all the best! I can't wait to meet him one day!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your new bundle of joy!!!

Lots of love,

Bianca & Dean

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We wish you the best and what a great early Christmas present. Randy & Judy

Aunt Katy said...

"Nani and Papa"? What's up with that? Something wrong with "Grandma and Grandpa"??? You look pretty old here, anyway, so you're not fooling anybody.

Emily, you look a little pale, listen to your Aunt Katy...go to bed, take a long nap, send Aaron out to buy a nice big steak. "Nani" can take care of Noah until he figures out Grandma is using an alias and can't be trusted.

Oh, yeah...Emily and Aaron, CONGRATULATIONS! The baby's gorgeous, and welcome to parenthood.

Merry Christmas and Happy Noah Year!

Jen & Drew said...

Hey guys, welcome to parenthood! Aunt Patty was proudly showing off all the baby pics in church Sunday. And as soon as Phil came over to our house for lunch, he was on the computer printing out more ("cuz Mom took mine!") Love his little chubby cheeks! (Noahs, not Phils! ha, ha) Sounds like you two are adjusting quite nicely. Have a ball, take too many pictures, write too many "cute moments" down in his baby book (so after the next 3-4 kids you won't forget!) Oh, and almost forgot...CONGRATULATIONS! Good job Emily! Oh, and Aaron too! Love you guys! Jen & Drew