Monday, April 23, 2007

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend! The temps were in the 70's and 80's with barely a cloud in the sky. I was soaking in all the sun! And the weekend only improved when Aunt Marlene and Uncle Mike came from Illinois. We had so much fun hanging out with family and playing with Noah. Sadly the weekend went so quickly, but hopefully we'll see you again soon, AM & UM:)
Noah, like every other baby has good days and off days:) Recently, he's had a lot more off days than good days. But this weekend, he went down for every nap with minimal fuss and was generally happy all day both days. I have finally concluded that he was trying to impress his Auntie and Uncle:) But regardless of the reason, we were happy to see Noah playing so happily and enjoying himself too:)
Auntie Marlene and Uncle Mike with Noah:)
Who says I need to go somewhere to have his picture taken professionally:) He just naturally knows what to do :)
I just love his big brown eyes:)

Noah loves hugs and being loved, which he enjoyed a lot of this weekend.

He has discovered his feet:) Now the big toe is the new thumb:)

Auntie Marlene enjoys some bonding time with Noah while giving him his bottle.

Come see me again soon, Auntie and Uncle:):)


Dad D said...

Hey Emy, Aaron and little star! I've got Noah's pose on the desktop. These are incredible pictures. Our weekend was fun too but the weather must not have been quite as good. We saw Mikey and Mehgan and family. Mom went to the shower and I went target shooting with the guys. What fun! God bless you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hello,I smiled this past wknd. just thinking about the 5 of you getting together-even when my Big Sis would call & update me-and these pics' confirm it!!Poppi & I kept busy, me at Papa's & him out here doing yardwork,atop the backhoe & Sunday afternoon we cleaned up the "Admin Bldg" & voted Emily & Noah to be "THE Picture Hanging Duo"!!Love u 3 Lolli

Anonymous said...

UM and I want to thank the Langness' of IN for being able to visit and catch up with Noah and the fun new game you introduced us too!! UM went today and bought it...taking to work tomorrow to play at lunchtime...we had a nice trip back...thanks again for your hospitality and next time I will bring a note for 'Show and Tell' you three...UM & AM