Monday, September 17, 2007

Swimming and Crawling

Noah learned to crawl this week! Look out, batton down the hatches, he's going to GO! But of course, you have to scoot before you can crawl, or for Noah...swim: And now, he is finally a much happier baby. He can finally go where he wants to go, it may be slow, but atleast he can get there:) So we already know our lives are about to change, but definitely for the better.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Noah!
Congrats on accomplishing your first big feat :)


Rita said...

He finally got it!
Yeah Noah!


Anonymous said...

Amazing these "mini-movies" I'm smilin & laughin & then I detect "watering of the eyes"! It's bitter/sweet to see him growin at the same pace it has been for my "baby-boy"!!
Love u 3, Lolli