Monday, December 03, 2007

Noah's first birthday party!!!

What a day! We had such a good day, but such a busy day!!! We started off the day early to ensure Noah would get both of his naps in before the party. Soon, several friends came over to help set things up and get the food ready. Part way through the day, all of us girls left to go to a baby shower and then came back to finish up the food and decorations and await the guests.
I think Noah knew something was going on because he couldn't sleep very long. He was really ready to get the party started.
The party was from 3:30 to 5:30 and the time just flew! I remember one moment, when we were singing Happy Birthday to Noah, when I looked out into the faces of everyone there and I remember thinking 'This is exactly what I wanted!'. I wanted a day when we could get all of our friends together and celebrate the "family" that God is granted us in this time of our lives. We are so blessed!
Noah was such a little social butterfly. He was crawling from person to person and several times got interrupted by when someone picked him up.
He ended up crashing. He did so melt downs at all, but you could tell he was ready for bed when 8:00 finally came.
Noah walked the whole circle clinging to Ava's back. She is the only girl (and we can't figure out why) he kisses without us prompting him too. And not just kissing, but wide open mouth kisses. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!?!?

My 2 plaid men...

We had a jungle themed party

And lots of yummy food

The cake was really yummy, although I still need someone to tell me why you would put flowers on a little boy's birthday cake!??!

Noah's leaning tower of chocolate:)

My silly friend Shelley. (sorry, Shelley, but I had to add this since it totally cracked me up!!)

Eve, Bill, Emily, Kaelyn and Ava.


He also really enjoyed his cake. He wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but after sticking a TINY drop he got on his finger into his mouth, he came rushing back for more. Aaron helped him dig into the cake to show him there was something beneath the frosting. And thats when he went crazy! The 2 layers on the cake were probably close to an inch high each and he ate almost the whole top layer and would have kept going had Aaron not stopped him:) He was a MESS! But it was so cute. His little cheeks look even bigger with all that chocolate frosting on them:) Aaron finally took the cake away in the hopes that it would prevent a chocolate disaster later that night:)

Why is everybody looking at me and singing?

You really want me to do what?!?

Okay, this isn't bad...

Okay, okay, so its better than okay...this is GREAT!

Could you hold that shot for just a minute longer, I need somewhere to rub my hands...maybe Daddy's shirt?


Oh, Chocolate, yummy, yummy chocolate, why have I just now met you, my dear sweet Chocolate...(add your own music here...)

I think the sugar is starting to kick in (atleast that's what everyone was saying...)

What's left of the cakes:)

There were lots of kids for Noah to play with

Opening presents

I don't get it Daddy...why do we have to hide the presents under paper first?

Towards the end, Noah got really bored and gave up...I finished unwrapping the rest of the presents with all the other kids who had come. PURE CHAOS!!

What a little LOVEBUG! Giving Daddy a hug.

Playing with his toys...

The boys were standing at the gate with Noah...he loves having buddies to hang out with:)


Rita said...

Thanks so much for letting us be a part of this wonderful event! We all had a blast and want to start setting up reservations for our up and coming birthdays! I so love the picture of Noah with the chocolate ecstasy look - He must get that from his mom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Noah!! We sure wish that we could hae been there to celebrate with you!!! This year has gone by so very fast! I can only imagine that time will now begin to really fly and you will be growing up super fast. Know that Nonni nd Poppa are looking forward to seeing you later this month and we will give you a big birthday hug then.


Anonymous said...

WOW, what a LARGE person cake for
a little [albeit, growing] birthday
boy!! Iparticularly like the frost-
ing on the forehead! Love u 3, Lolli

Anonymous said...

Oops!! I need to correct my
"typo's" 1. Add -al to"person" cake
2. I [hit space bar] particularly.

Anonymous said...


Happy 1st Birthday Little Cousin!
We love you lots.
Jerod, Gladys, Alyssa & Ciana

the7w said...

so do i need to pay you money to take that picture off? :)