Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Discoveries

So, I can't attach any pictures right now, but I thought I'd atleast keep you all up to date on what we're doing. Bear with me, this is kind of long, but there is so much to tell you! Noah and I flew to CO last Wednesday and thankfully we had good flights. The flights themselves were so smooth, and I had a very small amount of time in between my flights, which was nice. Noah was great through most of it and through the 3 1/2 hours we were in flight, he only cried for 45 min!!! And thankfully, the flight he cried that much for was a flight that I was in a row by myself and had a baby in the row behind and in front of me! It makes it easier knowing that they understand:) He is showing us more and more that he is learning and taking in. It just amazes me to think that such a little person can already comprehend so much! Uncle Danny tried to disguise a piece of apple with bread, since Noah will not each fresh fruit or veggies. After stuffing it in his mouth and discovering what Uncle Danny had done, he pulled the apple back out and tried to hand it back to Uncle Danny while telling him that it was an apple. All of our mouths dropped open! Did he really just say apple?!?! He also yelled at Uncle Phil when Uncle Phil was joking with me...I told Phil not to mess with the mama and Noah promptly said "no no mama" while looking Phil. I guess he told him:) He has also been walking everywhere! It is fun to see him with this new independence! He looks a little like Frankenstein since the arms are straight out, but thats what makes it more cute! We have been keeping busy, but like the little boy he has always been, he is just going with the flow. He has really attached himself to his papa. He will often shout at papa until my Dad looks his way and then Noah will just grin:) The greatest accomplishment this week has by far been the fact that he can finally sign Please without crying and screaming. Right before we came to CO, we began working with him on signing please and he was not happy. There were 2 nights where he sat for 45 min. screaming at the top of his lungs while we waited for him to say please for something. After those 2 times, Noah decided he wanted nothing to do with the sign and would immediately start crying if I asked him to say please for something. So, Noni has been working with him since we got here and he can finally sign it without getting upset!!!! PRAISE GOD! It may seem like such a small thing, but after hearing him scream everytime the word Please was mentioned, this is a huge step! He is even signing on his own when he really wants something:) So on to Thank you:) Hopefully it won't be as big of an ordeal as Please has been:) It has been so much fun watching Noah's little brain start clicking on how things in his world work, or cause and effect of the life around him. He is constantly amazing me and I can't help but thank my heavenly Father for a wonderful little boy with an amazing brain! The way God has designed our bodies and how we grow is nothing short of a miracle! Thank you Lord, for the blessing of Noah.


Linette said...

Oh I am SO excited you have a blog too! Isn't technology great. :) I just love seeing pictures of Noah and your family! Glad to hear you're having a good time in Colorado!