Monday, March 08, 2010

The mover and the talker

There are 2 types of boys in my house right now: the mover and the talker. And let's just say...they are ensuring I'm exercising body and mind. Who needs an elliptical machine with these 2 exercise-inducers around.

He's found his land knees (except when he traps himself in his pjs like he did above). He is all over the place. I love when after playing in his room, I call to him from the kitchen to come to lunch and sure enough, he comes ambling down the hall.

HELP! Why are these balloons following me?

Whatcha doing, Noah?

And my talker.
There are some days that I wonder how he can possibly manage to fit so many words into one day. There are so many times he astounds me with his knowledge and proper usage of some pretty crazy words. But my favorite thing he says right now: "No! You gotta be kidding me.":)

He is getting to the point where he can get on the phone with someone and I can walk away. He can have his own conversation without having me right next to him translating.
Fast forward 10 years and he'll probably be sitting in this same position while on the phone with his friends. And what's a true phone conversation without constant fidgeting and moving:)