Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just because

He loves to help with E. And recently he has even been singing to her and trying to comfort her when she cries. Now, if only I could teach him to do that with Breven too!:)

Is this good, Mama? (I think he's teething again, so his happy moments are growing more rare. Hopefully they'll pop through soon so our happy boy can get back to being happy.)

This is my Daddy and I'm glad he's home!!
Don't you just love the huge drool spot.
B wanted to try out the swing again. 
He is WAY too big for it, but he loves it when I let him sit in it for a few moments.
Can you help me convince Mama to let me use this more often. What's the harm?


Anonymous said...

Can we get Noah to come out and help us in a few months?!
Robb & Mel

Susie said...

Hey Emily! You should let Breven use the swing more often!!
...what's the harm? ;)

Aaron and Emily said...

The sad part is: since this post, I actually, I have been. I thought he was just too big, but with him being so cranky, its one of the few things that still works:) And so far, he hasn't broken it yet!:)