Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Labor Day

So this post is really late...2 weeks later to be exact, but hey. Better late than never, right?!
Aaron's brothers, sister-in-law and niece flew in Wednesday night before Labor Day. We had so much fun eating, playing, laughing and hanging out. And the boys got in a little golf along the way. Its funny to think of how this tradition is changing each year-I'll have to post pics of all the years later, but we're adding new members all the time:)
Isn't she cute? It was so much fun to have a little girl around the house
for the boys to play with.
Breven got to have a buddy during Noah's gate time.
These 2 are only a month apart and it was fun to see how different they are.
We pulled out our remote control cars and had a little fun. Noah really enjoyed it and seemed to have no problem using the remote.
Breven on the otherhand, could not get the concept down. He couldn't figure out why he couldn't lift and carry this big huge truck. And the several times that Aaron made the truck move, Breven was not happy that the truck would suddenly run away from him:)
Showing the boys how a lady rides:)
Getting some snuggles in with Daddy.
Which, btw-he no longer calls us Mama and Dada. Its already progressed to Mah-mee and Dah-dee. Kinda makes me sad...
One afternoon, while we were grilling out, the adults were all in the kitchen for a minute and we turned to find that the kids had discovered a new source of fun. They got drenched. Or should I say, Breven and E got drenched, Noah somehow managed to stay pretty dry. But they had a ball. They were out there for atleast half an hour, if not longer just splashing and laughing together.
Putting on his happy face, getting ready to skype
Uncle Flip Flop is the go-to book reader...but he does such a good job at it:)
I really enjoyed my time with Chicku. Not only was another female finally in the house for a while, but we got some great quality time during the week. We had to take 2 cars wherever we went and the boys were nice enough to let the girls take the car while they all drove in the mini-van with all the kids.
Have I mentioned yet that I Love this little girl?!?!:)
Too bad we didn't get a better picture of it, but they loved to hug each other.
And this one's just for fun...cause it makes me smile:)