Monday, September 27, 2010

Labor Day tradition

2003 (Thanksgiving really, but it started the tradition. Olive, Flip Flop and Micah came out)
2004 (The year of our crazy boat ride. Steph, Dustin, Jeremy, Micah and Flip Flop all came out and we joined a random couple for a day out on their boat.)
2006 (Flip Flop, Micah and J all came out...
I was pregnant with Noah and after 4 days of golf and baseball and sports of all kinds, I made the next day an Emily day and they all went to get pedicures with me. Lets just say that walking into a salon with 4 boys trailing behind me was a pretty awesome experience:):):))
2007 (Our biggest year: Steph, Dustin, J, Mary, Shannon, Micah, Chicku and Flip Flop all came out. Our house was filled to the brim!-and I loved every minute)
2008 (Flip Flop, Micah and Chicku)
2009 (Flip came and spent some quality time with us)
2010 (Flip Flop, Micah, Chicku and Esha all came out to have fun with us)
Every year has been so different, and yet still so very fun. We're looking forward to next Labor Day and what it will bring.


Sarah said...

I totally expected to read that the guys did their own thing while you went and got a pedicure! What a great story! I LOVE it! So glad you all enjoy each other so much, even the things you don't normally do!