Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal. Its amazing to me how fast my days go by and I feel there is nothing to show for it, but I have really enjoyed the time bonding with Noah and I promise that I am getting stuff done around the house even though it doesn't feel like it.
Its snowing today and I can't help but be thankful that God has given me the second greatest gift in the world. First of course is my salvation, that I don't have to wonder where I will go if and when God calls me home:)
Second is that I get to stay home and cuddle, snuggle and enjoy my son and not have to venture out into the weather unless I want to:):):):) I love just being home and enjoying a good cup of hot chocolate with Noah:)
Noah is doing really well. He likes to keep us on our toes so he doesn't have a real night schedule yet, but I know that is coming soon. (hopefully:):)) He is continuing to be such a sweet little boy, smiling, cooing, and trying to talk.
I am a picture-holic, so I can't stop posting pictures...there are just too many cute ones:) So I hope you enjoy my addiction:)

I love seeing Noah make all kinds of fun faces

Noah was being fussy, so Aaron put him down to free his hands for a minute and Noah was out within 10 seconds!!!! ( I think he thinks of himself as a grown up, he won't sleep in his bassinett as well as he does our bed and he would rather sit and sleep on the couch than in his bouncer:))

He just looks like he's ready for a sleeping partner:) Anyone want to join him?!?!

He is really starting to enjoy his baths and he even covered up for the picture:)

I love this picture...what a great reminder of what our hands must look like in Gods hands

He found his thumb yesterday! He was making all kinds of funny sucking sounds and actually kept it in his mouth for several minutes!

Noah and Mommy love to hang out together:)

Noah is bonding with someone closer to his own size:)


Anonymous said...

I love your addiction...keep those pics coming...I will never be able to get enough of our precious gift from the Lord...of course, you and Aaron had a little to do with it :o
He could not possibly be any cuter :)

Love, Aunt Marlene and Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding??!! If you stopped posting those pictures, I would be upset!!! Keep them coming!! I look forward to seeing the new ones and reviewing how much he is changing!
Hope everything is going well for you. It was so nice to see the two of you the other week. It was absolutely wonderful being able to hold your precious baby boy! He's beautiful! (In a masculine way...Aaron!) LOL
Take care! I'm waiting for the phone call to plan the evening to bring you dinner! Name the day!