Friday, May 11, 2007

Attack of the Butterfly

Noah's Attack of the Butterfly

He's going in for the kill...

Almost there...

He got it!!!

Noah enjoyed his walk with Daddy, Mommy & Uncle J

To remind everyone that Noah is a normal baby...not always happy.

He already knows how to pose for the camera. Everytime we hold the camera up, he stops and looks at the camera.

He decided to read to himself the other day...who knows what the story was about:)

Noah already enjoys brushing his teeth:)

He likes all bottles and thinks they are for him.


Anonymous said...

Em...I have an should write child's story books :)...great pics...everyone looks great...wishing you your first very happy mother's day...really can't beat it :) take care...keep safe...miss you lots!!!love you three...UM & AM

Dad D said...

Emy and Aaron,
I love all these pictures! He's even cute when he cries. Can't wait to see all of you here soon.
Dad D

Anonymous said...

I get behind so quickly and by 2's!! OH which pic for my background?? Also I have the carseat base from Joanie & will have it in the 4 Runner, which day do you want it? Love u 3, Lolli