Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What a busy week we have had! We have really enjoyed spending time with Noni and Papa and Lolli and Poppi, and the rest of our friends and family. Noah is doing so well with so many new faces and being constantly on the move. We miss you, Aaron!! Can't wait to see you again.

Noah and I are enjoying Noni and Papa's swing during our little down time.
Great grandma Langness, Lolli, Mommy and Noah...4 generations!

Great Papa and Noah got to bond too.

Miss Olive and I are already great friends!

My old biblestudy group, plus 2 new additions! We had so much fun hanging out.

Noah even enjoyed making a new friend, although he looked like a HUGE little boy compared to his friend who is only 2 weeks younger.

Noah loves it when Noni gives him a bath.

Poppi can really make me laugh! And I love the feel of the bags on my toes.

Noah taking his first 4 wheeling trip. I promise we were very careful and safe, Aaron!:)

We went to Boulder and watched all 3 of my brothers run the Bolder Boulder. It was fun to hang out with the whole family.


Anonymous said...

Hello to all my family and friends having fun without me! I'm so glad that you are all getting to spend some QT with Emy and Noah. They are loving being out there. It looks like you all are having so much fun together and I can't wait to join you and be a part of it all. E&N, I miss and love you both mucho much!