Monday, February 11, 2008

Vacation with Daddy in CO

Once Aaron arrived, we went into a whirlwind of activities. He was so busy, we really didn't see a whole lot of him. But he enjoyed his quality time with his best friend, Jeremy. Enjoy all the pics from our time...

My two amazing men:)

Aaron and his best friend & groom....Jeremy

We spent an evening with some of Aaron's old highschool friends. Gracie is 6 months and so expressive! We had a great time.

The whole gang of the evening. TJ, Jessica & Gracie, US, TJ's brother Ty and his wife Kim.

I have been trying to teach Noah how to drink through a straw. He got a monkey cup with a straw as a present and have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to teach a 1 year old how to drink through the straw. We bought these to-go soy milks and after a little research, came up with the idea to squeeze the container and once the milk made it to Noah's mouth, he immediately started drinking and wouldn't put it down until it was completely gone! In fact, he was concentrating on it so hard, he wouldn't move his head at all!! But atleast it worked!!:)

More Daddy/Noah bonding

Noah loves doors. Correction...he loves SHUTTING doors. So he made his way out to my parents deck and then shut the door. He had a great time looking around outside and then looking in on the rest of us:) And yes, it really was that nice that he could go out without a coat or hat.

The Airport

What a disaster the plane ride home turned out to be! The flight from Colorado Springs to Cincinnati was fine, actually great. Noah slept all but the last half hour and the flight itself was smooth. But once we got to Cinci, we found out that our flight to South Bend was cancelled! And whats more, all flights into SB were cancelled for the rest of the night. As we were talking to the Delta rep., she informed us that all flights to SB the next day were completely booked and the soonest we could fly to SB would be 2 days after we were supposed to!! The only other option she gave us was to fly us to Chicago the next morning, but that didn't do much good considering we didn't have a car seat or anything for an overnight stay. So, my wonderful, problem-solving husband got us on a flight to Toledo, OH, which is only 2 1/2 hours from home as opposed to the 4 hours when we were in Cinci. From there, our wonderful friend, PJ came and picked us up. We were so thankful to be home. But just to throw a little more at us to see if we would break, Delta lost our luggage somewhere between Cinci and Toledo...and we didn't get it back until 2 1/2 days later. Who knew we packed so much that we use so frequently!!!

We are just thankful to finally be back in our cold, snowy, windy city!

My happy little camper in between our crazy flights home. He was hamming it up for anyone who would look his way.

He was also rolling all over the place. Doesn't he look comfy? He had no clue what was going on:)