Friday, February 29, 2008

My smart little lovebug!

I am amazed every day at the things that Noah can understand and figure out! Several days ago, I was working in the kitchen and told Noah to go get a bib from his room. I love watching his little mind work but wasn't sure if he quite understood what to do, so I followed him. Just as I was about to walk into his room, he comes walking out with bib in hand!! WOW! To know he can understand a request at such a young age. And yesterday, I was watching a little neighbor girl and she was showing me her webkinz (I am so behind in the times:)haha) and right at Noah's dinner time, he came toddling in with bib in hand! He had gone and gotten his bib and understands that that meant it was time to eat. My cleaver little boy!

One of Noah's favorite people in our friends son, Bowen. Noah has even given him his own nickname, Bobo. And so it stands to reason that Noah wants to be doing what Bobo is doing. So, even though his controller is not connected, Noah was still pretending to play:)

Okay, so maybe Noah has a bit more of Aaron in him than we originally thought (is that possible?!?!) Apparently, he has a great golf stance already! We just need to explain that you don't play golf with a Playstation controller!

This was totally unprompted! We happened to look over at the boys and Noah was all over Bowen! It was so funny! Noah also loves to wrestle and so he'll often go over to Bowen and try to knock him down:)

My little Mr. Personality!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!I'm amazed also!! It seems he will do anything for food!!
Love you 3, Lolli