Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy birthday baby boy!!

Happy Birthday, Breven!!!
Its just so hard for me to believe that its already been 12 months since I welcomed this little one into my life. I feel like it was only yesterday I was snuggling him like this while I posted to the blog and checked my email.
Breven, you have been like sunshine bringing joy and warmth to our hearts. Your quiet, calm and laid-back personality have made the transition from 1 child to 2 much more smoothly than I anticipated.
We love your passion for food and are amazed each time we get you out of the highchair that someone so small could make such a big mess.
You solidified your hold on your brothers heart the day you "let" him come into your crib with you. We have cherished watching your friendship grow and can't wait to see all the trouble you two will cook up.
Happy birthday, baby boy. We love you!


Rita said...

Happy Birthday Breven! The boys are so excited about your party! Micah mentioned it yesterday (it is on his school calendar) and said "weren't you pregnant when Breven was born?". How long ago that seems, yet how quickly time goes!

Khara said...

Happy Birthday, little teddy bear! He's so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Breven! We are thinking of you today on your so very special day. I hope your first birthday is the first of many wonderful ones! We love you LOTS!
Jerod, Gladys, Alyssa, & Ciana

John and Juanita Longanbach said...

Happy Birthday Breven! (Yesterday) :) Wow, Em, it did go by fast. When we saw you at J&G's, he was 5 months. Scarlet is now 5 months. I hope the rest of this year goes by that fast! Give him and Noah some kisses from me!