Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breven's steps to the perfect birthday...

Its my birthday....did you hear?!
Step 1:
Gotta start my day out with a good, well balanced meal. Noah...I'd like some breakfast, please.
Step 2: Send Noah off to the grocery store to get some ingredients for breakfast. Just look at all the great finds he got.
Step 3:
Oh, I'm so excited!!! I love to eat, I love to eat, I love to eat my yummy food!!
Step 4:
Watch the master at work. Can't you just smell the eggs?
Step 5:
Bond with big brother and find out what he does while I take my naps. This TV stuffs pretty interesting. How come Mommy hasn't shown me this before?
Step 6:
Chill (writers note: this is the easiest step, repeat often)
Step 7:
Listen to them all sing some silly song while they smile at me. I did like the pancake and blueberries though.
Step 8:
Learn something new. Daddy is teaching me how to show how old I am now.
Step 9:
Laugh. A lot. Everything seems better when you laugh.
Step 10:
Enjoy some family time. And a new toy doesn't hurt either.