Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The start of summer and Steph's visit

We are enjoying this gorgeous weather and thankful that summer has finally arrived!!!
Noah begs me everyday to have a picnic on the deck. He is definitely my outdoorsman.
And B is off! To walking that is. He is walking everywhere and just this week he mastered turning around without falling down and standing back up without any help.
He's moving on to the toddler room at church next week.:(
This is his most common form of communication. Leaning, grunting and pointing to what he wants. Although he is talking more and more. Most of it is jumble, but here are the words we do understand:
Bah (ball, or anything else he gets excited about)
coo coo (choo choo)
Learning what it means to throw a ball
and learning what its like to play with a ball the size of your head
More picnics. I just loved this picture. I put them opposite each other and came back to find Noah had moved next to B!
Playing in the afternoon sun
And we had a weekend recently with my friend Steph. Thanks Steph for spending the weekend with us! We loved the quality time and can't wait until next year!!!
It didn't take long for B to attach himself to her:)
(he ain't no dummy...he knows a pretty lady when he sees one)
Watching 'Cars' with a buddy
Steph, if you're willing to wait...I think you have 2 guys here that would love to marry you:)


Juanita Longanbach said...

Aww! What a fun visitor!!! Steph, wanna come to Texas!?!