Sunday, June 13, 2010

They're taking over my house!!

I walked into Noah's room the other day to see this...Ummm..Noah. What's going on?
He had built a track for his trains under his bed!
And Breven is in love with 'em too.
He got this set as a belated birthday present from Lolli and Poppi.
He really liked watching the choo-choo's go down the big hill. Unlike my little go-getter Noah, Breven is perfectly content to watch and observe. And when it came to getting the train on the tracks to run it down the hill, he would rather watch while we put it on the track and pushed it down!
All aboard!


Sarah said...

Oooh, we need to get Joshua together with your boys! Trains trains trains...Lorien will play too for a little bit, but boys and trains are a match made in heaven. Hey! We are going to be up in Chicago on the 25th to do Shedd's. We are staying in Kenosha and riding the train in (kids are SOOOO excited, have been talking about "ride a train in June" for months now) You guys around and wanting to go to Shedds? That could be fun!