Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime bliss

I am in love with this summer. Well, okay, every summer. But this one has been great because the boys are at such fun ages.
Even though he's getting to be a big boy, I still love to rock my baby
Watching those eyes light up when he hears we get to go outside and play is the best!
Letting little boy explore his world, including finding out what the outside of the house looks like:)
"Welcome to our house. This is where you go when you come to visit Mama, Dada, Noah and me."
And yes, as my mother pointed out, the pacifier is his best friend. But I promise there will come a day when you can actually see he has a mouth
Relaxing with Daddy
Getting help from a friend when you're in a jamb.
Getting dirty is just too much fun. Who needs toys when there are all these rocks and dirt piles to play in!
Did you know that a head band is really a great pair of glasses?
Box Fun!
Boxes are just too much fun...
Look Mama, Its just my size!
In a box, three is definitely a crowd!
Wait, where did Noah go? Has anyone seen Noah?
Oh, there he is!!
What do you love most about summer?


katherinemarie said...

Isn't this the most LOVELY summer??? Even with the storms--- we have these beautiful kids to make our summertime so full of love. :):) I ADORE that second pic. Happy 4th!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it that these 2 little boys and their Mommie and Daddy come and visit Colorado!! I love rain and thunder, flowers and a good airconditioner on hot days. I don't especially care for mosquitos, heat and humidity.
Happy "middle summer"