Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Noah's Favorite Toy - Duck

What a fast week! Aaron had minor surgery yesterday and we've just been hanging around the house. Its been nice to have Aaron home and Noah is enjoying some more quality time with him.
Noah is growing so much and we are having so much fun as he is beginning to explore his world and communicate more. He "talks" all the time and his smile is always there to warm our hearts.

Its all in the family:) We had so much fun with my brother, Danny here.

We were reading in the chair on Monday and he fell asleep. I had to get up and this was the first thing I could find to help keep him in the same position. He slept through the whole thing:) Wouldn't it be great to be able to sleep wherever you were??!?!

We often bring Noah into the bed when he wakes up in the morning. He loves to sleep on Aaron's pillow and on the mornings that Aaron is in bed too, Noah practically pushes him out of bed:) There have been several times when I wake to find Aaron just barely on his side of the bed, one more inch and he would be out!:) On this particular morning, Noah decided not to sleep on the pillow, but really mark his "turf" and sleep parallel to the pillow:)

Aaron and Noah are bonding after Daddy's surgery

Noah and Mommy are best buds:) (Don't you just love my crazy hair?!?!?)

I love when Noah falls asleep when I'm holding him. I try to take advantage of all the times now, knowing that this time will fly by faster than I want it to.

As we help Noah explore his world, we have brought out many toys to play with and it seems the duck has just stuck:) Its the one toy that he can hold on to and play with. I think its just the right size for him to hold and soft enough that he can squeeze and taste:) By the way, none of the pictures with the duck are posed. We place the duck close by, (on his stomach, by his shoulder, close to his hands), and he does the rest. :)


Anonymous said...

I am definitely in love with the most precious boy on the planet...could a great-aunt be any prouder:) I never have all the right words to describe my enjoyment when I see Noah...I check this blog everyday for new pics...I hoping that the weather gets better soon for travel. By the way, your brother is a cutie too! Love you three...AM & UM

Anonymous said...

Daddy had surgery Noah?!?! No one told me anything. Tell your daddy that I hope he is doing ok and enjoying some downtime hanging out with his best boy. Give mommy a hug too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Choices! Choices! So many great ones to choose from, which one shall be my "background"? OK I want tickets for W-19 APr 07 and I want to stay for a week!! But, now I have to ask Poppi. Love u3 lots, Lolli