Friday, February 02, 2007

Doesn't he look so peaceful when he sleeps?

OKAY, OKAY....Mommy had a little too much fun playing dress up:)

In our family, we have always said I am Tigger and Aaron is Eyeore, so my mom decided that Noah was going to be Piglet:) So, Aaron and I bought a Build-A-Bear Monkey and bought the three different outfits of Tigger, Eyeore and Piglet. The outfits don't fit, but the cute little hats do:) And it appears Noah wasn't too happy with Mommy for doing it.

NOW PRESENTING....The Infamous Pout!!!!!!

And just for fun, a couple of cute shots of Aaron playing with Noah...



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...but he is just about the cutest...can't help but loving him...the dressup is a neat idea...Em, you are so clever :) How much snow have you's still here in IL...the wind was whippin' today...right now it's 4*...Adam is leaving for Vegas in 13 days to celebrate his 30th with his friend, Alyssa (it's her 30th too!) They will be staying with an old classmate. Take care and stay, AM &UM