Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love my...fists

Its snowing outside, I think we have at least 6 inches!!! And never have I been more thankful to just stay home. I don't have to drive in this, YIPPEE!!!!! Hope everyone is staying warm!
Noah and I had "Movie Night" He even had his own chair:)

Okay, I love this outfit and had to get one more use out of it before Noah outgrew it. I love the reindeer feet!!!!


His favorite toys at the moment are with him at all times:) If he's awake, he's sucking on his fists and I've even heard him gagging himself a couple of times in his exuberance:)


Anonymous said...

The cuteness, it just keeps coming. He just keeps getting more adorable each time. Thanks for sharing him with us!

Love you all

Anonymous said...

I love your daily updates for Aaron...I can not get enough of this baby boy :) Are you doing well...are you snowed in yet? We didn't get as much snow as you did...we have alot of wind :{ Take care and hopefully see you soon...UM doesn't want to get stuck in Porter County from lake effect snow :{ Love you three. AM

Anonymous said...

Hey Mama and Lil' Man! I'm coming home and can't wait to see you both. Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful Bride! I will see you soon.

Daddy and Husband