Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here are the videos of the week... Noah decided he wanted to talk to Daddy while Daddy mowed. He stayed at the window for quite a while. We needed to wash Noah's blanket desperately, but he wasn't so sure. He found it amidst the pile of dirty clothes about to go in the washer and then watched as I stuffed it in. He was pretty upset but he looks so big in the video! He's found a new way to get around. The only problem is when he gets into a corner:)


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, I can't wait to see you live and in action again. Give Mommy a kiss for me and I'll see you both soon.


Anonymous said...

From swim/crawl to pull up/push walk in 6 wks or less, Noah may be in Kindergarten by the time we get there!! Love u 3, Lolli

Anonymous said...

Loved the videos! The boys had to watch them all. Luke voted for the stool one as his favorite, I think mine was the blankie in the washer!