Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Warm Weather

We have been having amazing weather. Temps have been in the 80's! I LOVE IT! But all good things must come to an end. We are finally getting the normal October weather.
Noah is getting more and more curious, getting into everything he can find. So that means. my days are a bit busier, trying to get things done and keep a hawk-eye watch on him:) But I love to see him explore.

He loves to watch the action of the neighborhood and hopefully see a dog too:)

Can't you just hear him say- This is my daddy...back off!

Getting ready for bathtime...I love to see the 2 heads put together playing.

Noah LOVED the packing peanuts. Although I had to wrestle them away from him since he kept putting them in his mouth.

This is how I am greeted after every nap and first thing in the morning. He definitely isn't afraid to let you know he's up!:)


Anonymous said...

Yep,from the look on his face, he definitely "loves" packing peanuts!! I love u 3, Lolli