Monday, February 11, 2008

J & Mary's wedding

Uncle J & Auntie Mary got married on a BEAUTIFUL Colorado day. It was so gorgeous! It was fun to celebrate with them in their day. Here are the favorite pics of the day....

I am so bummed this one was blurry!!! It is classic Noah hamming it up for the camera. Where was that grin for the formal pictures?

Good friends! Steph & Dustin Bennetts

The family in rare form! (man do I look pale, compared to Noah!)

The beautiful Bride and Groom.

Now we can relax and have some fun.

Noah absolutely LOVED the dance floor. He was out there all by himself, but he was toddling all over the place. He really loved the transition from the carpet to the dance floor because he kept making circles. Needless to say, he slept really well that night:)

Trying to dance with my little man

Family. Patty had just gotten back from Costa Rica...doesn't she look so beautiful and tan?