Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crikey! I spot a rare breed of Breven!

We're out, in the wilds of Langness territory, trying to capture a Breven on the move. And if we're quiet enough, we might just hear what he's thinking...
Hmm. I wonder what this would taste like over by my bed. I should find out.
Now here comes the hard part. Gotta move that leg out from under me.
That was so easy. And they say I should learn to crawl!
Side note from his Wildlife Specialist: I, the wildlife specialist, often find him like this, wrapped around something. While it is difficult to disengage him from his lastest attempt at movement, he's really getting to know the lower half of all the furniture!


Anonymous said...

What a super smile on the wildlife you found! I love the way he curls himself around legs. Is it hard to catch him as he is on the move?
Love you

Khara said...

That's quite a talent, moving without rolling, crawling or walking!

Anonymous said...
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