Friday, January 01, 2010

Hanging out with Lolli, Poppi and Uncle Flip Flop, part 1

I'm so glad to know that reinforcements have arrived!!!!
Noah and Breven were in 7th heaven having someone to play with all the time. Although, most of the week, Noah favored Poppi. Poor Uncle Flip Flop and Lolli...I think they know what chopped liver feels like now:)
Lolli with one of her many boys:)
Its a little sad when his head is as big as his Lollis! I think he's going to be one big boy!
Yeah, this is my uncle Flip Flop. And yeah, he's pretty cool.
Breven's face cracks me up!
We never did get a good pic of the these three.
Looking at Mommy's pretty decorations together. Breven seems really interested, don't you think?
Watching a movie together.
Look at how well balanced Poppi is...both boys! And it looks like he's even teaching them to share.
And me being Mr. It-if my hand weren't in the way, it would have been more convincing.